Keep an Eye on Nail Polish Trends Spring/Summer

It’s always like that, come this time, we were elated to find out what happened in the major catwalks around the world, the trend that will turn at the next station, between what has been seen in past parades. From clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, make-up and, of course, our beloved glazes, they won’t be out!

However, to General surprise, the proposal was totally different compared to other years, forget that summer just light colors or warm, own of the summer, on the contrary, the summer of 2014 will be light, Yes, but also dark.

Glazes: colors and trends for 2014

Black enamel -this promises to be in the hands of color more tuned also in warmer months of the year, and was the main bet of Chanel, which launched in his spring/summer show a black enamel that was very successful among the public.

But of course there are other options less salty, Jade Cosmetics has Black Jack, and the StarVie enamel Mystery, and other brands also have invested in both color are creamy and excellent coverage, perfect to go out and kick ass!

Nude -different shades of nude will be high, no doubt, a classic that won’t go out of fashion, claaaaro, however, the main colors are beige, natural nude, nude dark and of course, that promise to give a rest to colored nails according to foodezine.

The glaze Cappuccino Jade Cosmetics and the elegance of StarVie is part of this universe of light shades and brings charm and elegance to your nails at the next station.

Metallic- The metallic trend is and was present in major parades outside and even the SPFW 2013. You bet! He is here to stay.

Metallic Nail Polish change color a little, getting lighter or darker according to the light that focuses on your nails. Come on his glamour!

English girl – Who doesn’t remember those long nails and painted with colorful French pointy, known also as little English girl, who were featured in the parade of Adriana Degreas?? Since then, for the summer, the more colorful the better, i.e. abuse.

Colored and White- But of course, summer also refers to color, a lot of color! And this was the bet of some brands, such as the Forum and the Neon, which led to the catwalk very orange, reddish pink and pastel green. Already Triton bet on white, who returned to fashion and not planning to leave any time soon.

Emerald Green – And the color this year chosen as Pantone trend was emerald green. Worth every shade, the more intense the more clear, the company says that tom refers to the idea of luxury and sophistication, since it is inspired by the shiny gems.