Kangaroo or Sling: What’s the Best Option?

All mothers love to cheer their babies, to feel the body of the baby next to ours is wonderful, it is a mixture of love, tenderness and back pain.

Kangaroo or Sling: What's the Best Option?

As the baby grows and gains weight walking with the baby in his arms becomes tiring and a bit uncomfortable for the mother and the baby.

Thinking about the comfort of the two, there are some accessories that facilitate transport, among them, the kangaroo and the sling.

Differences between the kangaroo and the sling


There is a wide variety of slings models, inspired by the way some tribes carry their children, as a rule the sling is a long cotton cloth, which allows a great variety of moorings, may or may not have a ring, and the model with the hoop is the most popular.

The sling allows you to be tied according to your needs and the use you want, there are moorings to breastfeed, to take the child lying down, sitting or even on the back, leaving those who carry it with their hands free.

The sling can be made in a wide variety of fabric, new patterns and variations emerge every day, there are models with fabrics suitable for cold, others suitable for heat and the latest ones made with mesh fabrics that facilitate perspiration.


The kangaroo is a kind of backpack with side openings that allow the baby to be carried facing the chest or facing the outside. It still remains the parent’s preferred transport mechanism after the cart.

There are some contraindications to its use for a long time because the weight of the baby stays on your pelvis, although there are already ergonomic models that leave the child in the correct position and minimize the risks and increase the comfort of the baby.

Kangaroo or sling: what is the best option?

It is all a matter of personal taste, although there are some differences between them, but it is best to try both to see which one identifies best.

The sling allows for greater closeness between the baby and the mother, but is contraindicated for use with the baby facing forward, which can happen with the kangaroo.

Despite the facilities of one and the other when put m can cause back problems to those who carry the baby and the baby.

Whatever your choice, always opt for comfortable and anti-allergic materials, both systems should be used in punctual chaos and for a short time.