Junghans goes Bogner

, The Bogner clothing manufacturer has found a new watch partner. Switching Junghans by Bogner future Junghans will be responsible for the production of the clock line.

Bogner “Willy” Chronoscope by Junghans

As a top model of the new partnership will come this spring the Chronoscope “Willy” model in the stores, named after Wilhelm “Willy” Bogner, skier, and founder of the clothing company. His son – also named William “Willy” – shaped in recent years from the father’s company of one of the most successful German lifestyle companies in terms of exclusive sportswear and designer fashion, with many licenses. The Tübingen watch manufacturer Junghans is also active in the sporting area for many years and developed a pioneering time measurement technology, for example, for the Olympic Games in 1972 in Munich.

The new Chronoscope is “Willy” with the automatic calibre J880. 1 equipped, that works in a 44.5 mm stainless steel case measuring, pressure-resistant to 10 bar. The models in the line addition to the 1840-euro top model “Willy “ automatic, that there are 37 and 42 millimetres in different versions, the diameter.” Distinctive B-logo of the Bogner brand adorns the dial of all watches in the collection alongside the Junghans Signet.