Jewelblog hits: Willy Bogner

This spring, the first collection Bogner by Junghans watches were presented. We met brand leader Willy Bogner and discussed with him and Junghans Managing Director Matthias Stotz prerequisites for a good partnership, equality and Willy Balmeo favorite clock.

Willy Bogner loves simple watch design

Bridgat: who was the initiative of cooperation of Junghans and Bogner?
Willy Bogner: I called Junghans and expressed my desires. Then we both met at first a couple of times and at length breathless. Finally, both sides wanted to know whether our companies fit together well. The result shows I think that that is indeed the.

Bridgat: what was your first thought when Mr. Bogner you phoned, Mr Santhanam?
Matthias Stotz: Honestly said: we were surprised. On the growing interest by the media and public on Junghans, we have already accustomed after reboot. That we have piqued the interest of Willy Bogner in, honor us of course. However, we were also a little skeptical: Junghans has come loose from a lifestyle company Yes not long ago and is rather followed the path of traditional watchmaking as independent brand. But then we have thoroughly tested the idea and have come to the conclusion: two German brands with great history and experience in the field of sport could meet here. in 1972, we have participated both on different fronts in the Olympic Games. We are using the time measurement and Willy Bogner as Director of photography (Note: for the official Olympic film). I think those similarities make a good basis for cooperation.

Bridgat: what is special about Junghans?
Balla: I think that Junghans has a very sporty brand essence, by the revolutionary time measuring instruments developed to the Olympic Games in 1972 in Munich. Thus the company once very well to a sports-oriented lifestyle brand fit, as we are. I like but also the awareness for decades for design and the high quality down to the smallest detail. On all these points there is a large agreement Bogner and Junghans.

Bridgat: you have purposefully searched a brand with the production site Germany as a partner?
Bogner: It was not necessarily a decisive, but a welcome aspect for us. It was important that we both have a similar understanding of brands: we have the same values – just the concepts associated with the term “Made in Germany”. This has however facilitated cooperation.

Bridgat: there were so few years ago once before a collection with Bogner watches that have implemented it with another partner. How are the new models from their predecessors?

To have once smelled: Willy Bogner and Junghans-chef Matthias Stotz

Balla: the collection was developed with Junghans is clearly high quality. We see the watches not as a fashion accessory, but as a full timer, if I may say so.
Santhanam: Therefore we wanted to build also no royalty watches. That would have watered down the claim.
Bogner: Each model is both a real Junghans watch and a real Bogner watch. We want to present solid timing and have us for looking for a high-quality partner, we want to work together in the long term the.

Bridgat: who do you see as buyers of these clocks?
Bogner: We’re quite open. It is the existing Bogner customer, which like the watches maybe but also the clock fan, which could then be interested in for the mark Bogner.
Santhanam: The Bogner watches are listed also at us in the regular catalog. I think the Junghans buyer finds so its way to the Bogner clothing and Bogner makers discover their sense of Junghans watches. Such synergies are certainly no exception. As Willy Bogner said: both companies are characterized by similar values. Therefore also the demographics are likely to cover partially to.

Bridgat: is how much Junghans watches? And how much Bogner?
Santhanam: We put both equals great passion in the watches.
Bogner: The technical execution is of course fully in the hands of Junghans. In the design we are heavily involved with Bogner. Both sides bring that, what they understand the most. For me, this is a good basis for a partnership.
Santhanam: Everyone brings with its identity full of passion. From a technology perspective, we have here a Junghans watch. For our partners it is a watch that reflects the spirit of Bogner reflects. Therefore they see on an equal footing on the models both logos.

Bridgat: so far we have seen only watches. Why are there no women so far?
Bogner: Also women wear today so big and athletic watches. I can well imagine that the first collection on the Lady’s wrist will pop up.
Santhanam: We wanted to present a very closely held collection only once. I think the watches are designed by the line so that they can be worn by women. The midsize variants (Note: 38 mm) is very well come in the run-up to the fair ladies. We offer not only watches for men. But I can also tell you that we have spoken to Sônia Bogner. Were so excited and let yourself be surprised.

Willy Balmeo favorite: Willy Chronoscope

Bridgat: where the watches will be available?
Santhanam: The clocks are fully integrated – watches – as stated in our catalogue similar to the Max Bill and they will be available from our dealers.
Bogner: In addition, we present the watches in our own shops worldwide.

Bridgat: what right do you have on a good watch?
Bogner: The blue meets the already quite well. Not just because blue is my favorite color. It has a relatively simple and clear design and is easy to read. I don’t like it when designers to pack too much into a watch. You must rely on a good watch always, no matter how deep you dive or whether you climb mountains. She must to the Ski suit as fit as eveningwear – a universal companion just.

Bridgat: you got so realized the clock, you could buy so far yet anywhere?
Bogner: This can be seen quite so.