Jewelblog hits: Joey Kelly

Since December, 2011, Joey Kelly Ambassador is the watch brand sector. The extreme athlete, author, and former musician of the Kelly family what he pays attention when purchasing a watch and where the appeal of extreme sports is revealed to us in conversation. Joey Kelly also giving us a glimpse into his schedule.

bridgat: what take care of you, when you buy a watch?
Joey Kelly: You need to be fit. I train every day and I need a clock that sits comfortably on the wrist and that can be easily read from to.

bridgat: the weight is important?
Kelly: The weight doesn’t matter to me. Rather, the weight plays a role in short-distance runners, but on the ultra distances it is basically. With the sector watch that I wear at the moment, I’m going to start in Siberia. But I need an extension for the bracelet to because I’ll be wearing it over a thick and warm jacket – we will have there minus 20 degrees or more.

“I’m always on the lookout for new extreme challenges.”

bridgat: how came together sector and you actually?
Kelly: That I must tell a little story: when I did my first Ironman, I had pasted a sticker on the bike: “Sector – no limits”. At that time, I knew the brand but barely. I thought however, that suits me just fine. I have taken up then again the theme “No Limits”, for example, in the book title: “Joey Kelly – No Limits”. I’m always on the lookout for new extreme challenges. When then the sector team called me, I was happy mad. Sector is sports-related, and young; just a cool brand, perhaps more a men’s brand, the watches I just like.

bridgat: you’re testimonial for the watch brand sector since December, 2011. Did you care before this cooperation for clocks and time-keeping?
Kelly: As a runner is so constantly with time measurement: dealing with placements, to the improvement of his own times, in the training establishment and so on. Since time is always important. I have dealt with the different types of pulse watches me already. In the training I often wear a heart rate monitor. During a race, but mostly a normal watch enough. During my ultra runs I often rely on my own sense of time.

bridgat: how well can you thereby rely on your sense of time?
Kelly: I have a very good feeling designed over the years, whether I’m just a good time. At my practice laps at home I look only to control the clock, but most of the time I know there already if a round was good or bad. Of course I know my four or five training tracks there.

Joey Kelly with shark master by sector

bridgat: and how is that in the competition?
Kelly: Here I have developed a pretty good feeling for my form and the time. I am now almost 16 years in the ultra sport active and have over 100 races of marathon distance from upward run. There you learn his body quite well.

bridgat: why do you make this extreme sports?
Kelly: I’m fun – it’s that simple. I will not be forced, but imagine voluntarily these challenges. Also I’m very happy. The various endurance races have brought me in countries and areas, I otherwise might not have seen. Right now I’m preparing for a competition in Siberia. There, an ultra marathon on Lake Baikal is held for the first time. Since I have never been and am looking forward to the race and the area.

bridgat: How do you finance something?
Kelly: We are all idealists. If it’s not just about the tour de France or something like that, the ultra sport is a fringe sport. The media is not like football.

bridgat: you can live without running?
Kelly: I think not. About two years ago, I had to give up two months on the run. Ice cream football, an event by Stefan Raab, in which I participated, I broke the medial meniscus. I quickly realized that I am quite quickly dissatisfied without movement. This one I realised but also: Ultrasport is not necessarily healthy – but it is fun for me.

bridgat: how many races you complete in a year?

“I’m quite quickly dissatisfied without movement”

Kelly: Let me just enumerate the planning for this year: now comes the Baikal, we’re at the Bonn Marathon. Then a 24-hour donation run for ZDF comes at Pentecost, I’m at my limit, but I just like to do that. Later in June comes a construction Marathon; from July 12 to 31 the crossing of America by San Francisico to New York is – the whole thing no money, only with what I work me out on the road. I’m free in principle in August and make only a story for Arte and ZDF: with Rudi Altig together we’re quite relaxed on the bike on the North Sea cycle route on the road. I’m really off in September. In October the Cologne Marathon is planned, again off a 24-hour donation event in November: diving along with RTL. Last year we together have 115,000 euros of sponsors. This year it should be outbid again. It was at larger events. In between still stuff like the wok World Championships coming on March 10, in June auto ball and in the autumn celebrity Tower jumping and stock car racing.

In the second part of our conversation, Joey Kelly will explain why he himself makes no music and what it has stored on his MP3 player. He is also sure: anyone can run a marathon.

Photos: Marion Mutschler / sector