jewelblog hits: Joey Kelly (part 2)

In the first part of our conversation, Joey Kelly has given insight into his tight schedule and explains why extreme sports the weight a clock might matter. The Ambassador of the watch brand sector by the flow when running and why is today reported music family thing.

bridgat: your schedule is well filled. Is you actually have time for music?
Kelly: I’m no music, I can do this time no longer. I would like to do but also no music for me alone. For me, music was always something that I made with the family. It was a great time, I don’t want to miss. But I would not buy the music that I and we have made at the time, myself. Therefore, I would like to do that any more as a solo musician (laughs).

“I would music, that I and we did at the time, myself not to buy.”

bridgat: private, you’re taking the guitar in the hand but?
Kelly: Not really. It is indeed a pity, but I have no time for. On the other hand I don’t miss that but also. We’ve so long and so hard done, that I need now a break of.

bridgat: this but not a general no sounds like?
Kelly: If I think that music again fun me, I start again. Much more, you can enjoy making music, if you have no pressure. If one does not depend, to succeed and earn money, seen again quite different music. But at the moment I can say: the chapter is closed for me.

bridgat: what music do you listen privately?
Kelly: Because I’m heavy set me. Currently, there are many good bands and musicians in Germany. For example, Xavier Naidoo of I believe is a gifted singer and great performer. Herbert Grönemeyer made good music for years. And when we look into rock, Rammstein musical certainly at the moment is the best German band – but the show is fantastic. It is no coincidence that they are also internationally successful. I am an absolute fan of Rammstein.

bridgat: we come to the sport: how often do you ask yourself during a competition: Why am I doing this actually?
Kelly: It happens still. Today, it is but is rare; earlier, the question was often. I know today: this is a low point, which is overcome. It is the hysteria of the body, who is crying out for comfort. You must overcome this point. And yet each ultra race runs right: at the beginning it pleased with the start, then comes the low point and the whole thing ends in torture – because one should delude others. If you then crossed the finish line and know why you did it, comes an incredible joy. It benefits from a beautiful experience. Maybe it’s something like that, when you get a child. Where I believe however, that very few men would survive a birth.

“it is the hysteria of the body, who is crying out for comfort.”

bridgat: a point at which it runs alone further also come in such extreme runs?
Kelly: This flow, when you come into a rhythm and seemingly all of runs standalone, there. You can reach him but only adequate and continuous training. I think endurance is doable for anyone who has a little discipline. Everyone can work out that is.

bridgat: anyone can run a marathon?
Kelly: If he’s healthy, nothing in the way now. The time is at the beginning. When the marathon is your goal, you can do it also. Two and a half years ago I Rainer Callmund, took 62 years old and 170 kilograms, to the half-marathon and he has removed even 30 kilograms in training. He ran the line as a walking variant, but he should be also no professional, but have fun.

bridgat: there is still a challenge for you?
Kelly: There are a slew of tough races, which I didn’t do. Like, I want to participate once on the “Spartathlon” in Greece: 245 km nonstop in a maximum of 36 hours. You must qualify for and it didn’t so far still in my plans. Such challenges are not necessarily harder than what I’ve done, but there are just classics, and there’s still some.

Photos: Marion Mutschler / sector