Jewelblog hits: André Nottebaum by Just Cavalli times & jewels

Since the beginning of February, André Nottebaum heads the German branch of the Morellato & sector group, which includes also the licensed brands Just Cavalli time and Just Cavalli Jewels. The watches and jewelry of the Italian fashion label will find more and more fans in Germany. We talked with André Nottebaum about similarities of jewelry and fashion, price ranges and why the Snake is a design feature.

bridgat: the name of Just Cavalli is known first and foremost as a fashion brand in Germany so far. Briefly describe the jewellery and watch brand Just Cavalli.

André Nottebaum: first, it should be noted that the star designer Roberto Cavalli has launched over ten years ago the fashion label just Cavalli in life. He was thus aimed at a new generation of unconventional individualists. The brand products are made for trendsetters who want to express their joy of life and love of freedom. You are always a fashion statement and of the character through and Cavalli – just Cavalli just. And due to his incredible creativity and his fresh, charismatic style, Roberto Cavalli has also the collections of just Cavalli jewels and just Cavalli time left his unmistakable stamp. The watches and jewelry are trendy and at the same time, the value for money. We close the gap, the Dolce therefore on the market of the fashion labels & Gabbana leaves.

bridgat: how important is the brand in Italy?

“We’re closing the gap, the Dolce & Gabbana leaves.”

Nottebaum: the brand stands for young, fashion-conscious Italians and Italians up in the course. They love the Cavalli-style and that which expresses the brand or the lifestyle that they can express themselves with Just Cavalli. Just Cavalli is very popular in the fashion magazines.

bridgat: the typical just-Cavalli details of fashion are reflected in jewelry and watches?
Nottebaum: The constant use of innovative materials, experimental graphics and animal prints form the typical Cavalli-style and make the collection unique. And in the fashion – as well as in the jewellery and watches Collections. Also is the snake – as a symbol of the House of Cavalli – at the heart of the new products this year and finds himself in exceptional positioning and processing at the jewellery and clocks reflected. The logo and the Monogram are always very prominently placed on the products. In addition, now also a fingerprint on the packaging and promotional materials be used. He is regarded as a new symbol of the creative identity of the designer and the brand itself. And what is also typical for Cavalli: colors, colors, colors.

bridgat: Just Cavalli is a glamour brand or something for everyday office life?
Nottebaum: Just Cavalli is a fashion brand with many easy-to-wear Collections. After all, the Cavalli fans want their brand

ring from the collection drops

wear everyday. Whether in the Office or at the chic dinner or event.

bridgat: what is in the foreground: the jewelry or watches?
Nottebaum: Actually you would have to say which are also jewelry watches jewelry, as many watches and thus like to “adorn themselves the customers and clients”.

“Just Cavalli buyers are fashion-conscious and unconventional individualists and trend-setters.”

bridgat: looks like the typical buyer of Just Cavalli?
Nottebaum: Just Cavalli time and Just Cavalli Jewels provide affordable, expressive and colourful clocks, as well as creative jewelry pieces for a young, life-affirming clientele and for every occasion. The typical just Cavalli buyer is a fashion-conscious, unconventional individualist and trendsetters who want to express his joy of life and love of freedom with the products. Just Cavalli young fashion is pure – for the young, international target group.

bridgat: Just Cavalli is a women or a man brand?
Nottebaum: Currently it is a fashion brand for women even more. However we focus this year on the male audience, for who’s additional Mr clock models and a whole new CAVALLI jewelry collection will be given. The Cavalli fans may be curious about.

bridgat: in which price moves of the jewelry? In which the watches?
Nottebaum: At our jewelry collections, we keep the focus in the range of 70 to 90 euros. Focus for the watches at 150 euros. We make very sure that the price-performance ratio is.

“The Snake is a symbol of the House of Cavalli and this year at the innovations in focus.”

bridgat: how many sales points are there in Germany?
Nottebaum: We have 350 item in Germany. There’s also the new concept store in Milan. 80 flagship stores are target until 2015

bridgat: how big is the latest collection?
Nottebaum: Just Cavalli Jewels consists of around 100 jewelry parts and just Cavalli time from 200 to 220 watches.

bridgat: how often are there additions to collection?
Nottebaum: At Just Cavalli time and Just Cavalli Jewels there are five new products per year. These include new collections as collection extensions. We owe this to our clientele.

bridgat: give our readers a hint: what are the must-haves of Just Cavalli this summer?
Nottebaum: The flashy fashion and jewelry watches continue to set trends with their round housings and are an absolute must-have. The eye-catching jewelry pieces from the collection are drops which dominated the Cavalli snake, a catcher and totally trendy.