Jennifer Hudson and Gucci in the service of music rescue

Oscar – and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson was on February 11, guest star, as Gucci and the recording company program presented the Music Preservation.

, Gucci and the Recording Academy, so the organization that awards the prestigious Grammy Awards, work together since September 2010. Within the framework of this partnership it was decided among other things the launch of Grammy Special Edition jewelry and watch collection, designed by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. Another goal of the partnership is the support of the music preservation program, a central concern of the Grammy Museum and an important initiative, which strives to preserve important music recordings. Because they are a central part of our common cultural heritage.

Gucci Timepieces and jewelry is committed, to participate in the selection and editing old recordings for a digital processing. There were spent already many months to sift the Muzak archives before it was decided to publish the work of four eminent musicians and to work within the framework of the partnership. The selection of genres and artists, whose working fostered by the support from Gucci Timepieces and jewelry, was by Frida Giannini together with the heads of the Muzak of the Grammy Museum and archive.

Jennifer Hudsons choice of the evening: I-Gucci by Gucci (995 EUR)

In 2011, more than 30 recordings were digitized this by Fats Waller, as well as nine original compositions. So are these restored musical treasures of a new generation of music lovers at the disposal. The new digital recordings were officially by Gucci Timepieces on February 11, and jewelry presented at the Grammy Museum. In this course Jennifer Hudson has performed unplugged some of her songs.