Jaeger-LeCoultre continues on Red

, Jaeger-LeCoultre, the first model of the Reverso has presented over 80 years ago. Long the watch with the complex case is one of the icons of the history of the clock.

Grande Reverso 1931 Rouge

Rouge is reminiscent of the early days of this history in this year of the Grande Reverso 1931. It is a tribute to a historical Reverso, which is particularly rare and so sought after by collectors. The Red dial was popular in the 1930s, in particular among artists and intellectuals, who wanted to emphasize their dandyism and their informal freedom of style with the eye-catching color.

Grande Reverso 1931 Rouge takes this red dials the new on. It was typical of the early models of the Reverso, that alone was the model name, the brand name, however, was missing on the dial. Even this detail was taken up with the new Reverso model

the new model has grown significantly compared to the original and has a stainless steel case with the masses now 27.5 by 46 millimetres. The proven 822 hand-wound calibre works in its interior. The Red Reverso is available for 7100 euros.