Item M6 Compression Socks

Compression stockings connect most of us probably can hervorblitzen mid-length with cream to skin-colored socks, preferably women of advanced age under her skirt.

However, what is this overlooked is the function of the so unpopular stockings. The blood circulation is promoted, thereby improving the oxygen supply to the whole body.The pressure curve also formed beautiful legs that really do not need to be hidden under half-length skirts. Lighter legs, feel perfectly at ease and more energy are the wonderful effect.

ITEM m6 has set itself the task of integrating the support stocking with all its benefits back into everyday life. We must say the result convinced us! With proven technology in the luggage and fashion standards in mind, created a product that can be described without a doubt as a modern and stylish. Were Sired stockings of the highest quality, great fit, and functionality that meet the requirements of any fashionista.

Recent trends in design, color and pattern are taken, and so presents stockings, tights or leggings in the current autumn colors Emerald, Bordeaux and Blueberry all our attention. In addition to the liberating feeling of light legs accessories form a perfect silhouette. Little helpers, like the discreet built-in tights push-up area in the Po area, round off the result.
Our conclusion: support stockings have filed their dusty image, advance to the real must-have for fall and wander in our wardrobe!