Is Filtered Data from The Motorola XT1055, Would Be The Future X Phone Motorola and Google?

There is less weeks so it reaches the Google I/O 2013, and, as you might expect, previous rumors are appearing every day, such as the of that is will be Android Key Lime Pie, or this other information that reaches us today itself.

We know that Google and its acquired manufacturer Motorola they work in own devices, especially in one very mysterious so-called”X Phone”. The NET there are all kinds of rumors about its appearance and characteristics, and today, to increase the “hype”, this comes: a leak of an unknown called terminal features Motorola XT1055.

What is striking is that its characteristics are those of a terminal of current high-end, at the level of the HTC One or the S4 Galaxy. The discovery has been made in a Japanese website, thanks to the tool AnTuTu Benchmark, and you can check out the first image in this article.

The aforementioned Motorola XT1055 test has been made, as it reveals the Japanese web, in United States. The predawn characteristics, are full, the following:

  • Name of the terminal: XT1055
  • Chipset: Snapdragon 600 1.7 Quad-Core
  • Operating system: Android 4.2.2 Jellybean
  • Country: USA
  • Total score (obtained from AnTuTu Benchmark): 18252

Is this the terminal that we have prepared Google and Motorola to unveil in may? Will it be a preliminary step at an incredibly amazing Phone X that will have nothing to do with this terminal filtering? In a couple of weeks We will know.