iPhone 6 Get Less Battery Than Its Competitors

The iPhone 6 is by now well documented with a whole series of specifications, now battery size also revealed.

Information about the iPhone 6 flying around in these times, and quite a number of pictures and specifications are leaked. Now there will be pictures of the batteries, battery size and thus are probably also revealed, as they confirm previous rumors.

iPhone 6 Get Less Battery Than Its Competitors

It has previously been the rumor that the iPhone will come with a 4.7 6 “screen and battery size will be 1810mAh. For comparison have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini with 4.5 “screen 2100mAh and a Nokia Lumia 930, with 5.0” screen, has a battery capacity of 2420 mAh.

However, there have also been a lot of rumors about a 5.5 “version and in order to hold power for a long time, the larger screen also have a larger battery. The images of the large battery shows a capacity of 2915 mAh, which fits with the rest of the competitors which are more or less the same size.

LG G3 which also has a 5.5 “screen has a 3000 mAh battery, Sony Xperia Z2 on 5.2″ display has 3200 mAh.But the biggest competitor to the iPhone 6 is possibly Samsung Galaxy S5, which, however, is a little less with a 5.1 “screen, and S5 has 2800 mAh in its battery.

In relation to its competitors, however, Apple has always had a little less battery capacity, but the most important is probably how the battery life is in reality. Do you think that a battery on 2915 mAh can keep a 5.5 “screen running a whole day?