Inhorgenta 2012 – leather bracelets

Like every year we were once again at the inhorgenta in Munich. In advance, there were some quarrels regarding the new approach and so we missed unfortunately also some companies such as for example the TeNo or the Breuning group. Nevertheless there was to rediscover a lot this year. As a major trend of the year you can make, I think leather straps. Many companies have on offer, and the variations are quite numerous. Great braided leather bracelets can be found quite new for example to heartbreaker. From a range of different colours, combined with some charms, many styling possibilities. Also brand new, leather bracelets von Drachenfels design! For example, in the new collection of Basilica di Gotica. But here and there leather bracelets can be found in the existing collections. The young jewelry brand „ Plata de Palo “ was this year the 1st time represented at the inhorgenta, and presented their new lines „ Amantes in memoriam “ and „ Animalia “. Of course neither Beka & Bell may miss at such a presentation still saami crafts that are known with their leather straps.