Information about Skydiving Sport

Skydiving, also known as skydiving, is a sport where people jump out of a plane at a certain height and acrobatic moves in free fall.When the parachute opened to stop the free fall in a peaceful way to set foot on land again safely. Skydiving is considered an extreme sport that requires a lot of courage, but also gives you a tremendous adrenaline rush.

Information about Skydiving Sport

Origins of Skydiving

Skydiving is a sport that is not as young as it seems. In the late 18th century ran the Frenchman, Andre Garnerin, from a balloon and thus became the first real paratroopers. Later skydiving important for the Army and Air Force. Pilots can jump out of a plane and land it safely if anything went wrong. In war, soldiers were released in war zones, often behind enemy lines. Skydiver is also used when it comes to preventing disasters such as forest fires.

Skydiving Competition

Competitions are held regularly at skydiving. This in events, such as landing in the vicinity of a goal and perform acrobatics in the air, but even skydiving in combination. In recent years there has been a new trend, namely air surfing, where skydivers with surfboard on his feet jumping down.

Important in Skydiving

A skydiver should always be good stuff check to see if everything is in order. They always carry a reserve parachute with them, the event will open the main screen. The steering lines are connected to a backpack. These lines can skydivers control their direction. Before you just jump it is quite normal that you first do a tandem jump with an instructor or an experienced jumper. With such hope, you get used to free fall, compass and steering functions.Parachutist should also learn a lot of theory. Wind speed and other weather conditions are very important in a free fall.

Skydiving is a Sport

Aircraft climbing climb to an altitude of 7000-15000 feet for parachutists. The free fall lasts between 45 and 80 seconds. The skydivers reaching speeds of up to 210 kilometers per hour. Skydiving requires excellent again. Jump in rainy weather or strong winds can be very dangerous. Although it seems skydiving may not be a sport, skydivers have to be physically very fit before they make the leap. Despite the fact that it seems dangerous, there are just but a few accidents that occur each year. One of the most famous skydivers in the world is the Austrian Felix Baumgartner. In 2012 he set a world record when a helium-filled balloon took him to an altitude of 39 kilometers.Then he jumped, he became the first to break the sound barrier in free fall. He returned safely to Earth in about ten minutes after leaving the capsule.