Illuminate a Room to Make It Very Comfortable

Lighting for a living room modern and current.

The salon is one of key parts in housing. A space to share intimate family moments and a relaxation area, where to carry out activities that allow us to disconnect from the daily bustle. A same stay where they converge various uses, for which we will need different types of lighting, in order to maximize the comfort that we are seeking in this area of the House.

Find more suitable systems, modulate the intensity and distribution of luminaires, will directly influence actions such as read, listen to music, watch television or enjoy a comfortable and refreshing NAP at noon. In the next article, we give you the keys to enhance the comfort of your living room through the light. Will you join us?

As a study in Barcelona specialized in modern homes lighting and urban, many customers who ask us for advice to get their rooms invite to relax by a correct distribution of the light. It is an area of the House where converge at the same time different spaces for different purposes. In housing about 150 meters square, Hall often deal with 20 to 30 meters, enough space to distribute in the reading area, rest area, or even a part destined to dining room. A correct and studied lighting allows you to enjoy different environments or scenarios depending on time of day, uses that we make and general state that we want to achieve. Here are some tips to light it successfully:

  • As a general rule, the lighting you choose for your living room should be versatile, with the objective of adapting to every moment, activity or mood. Thus, always combine general lighting, with other more selective or timely, which will allow you to increase, decrease or complementing the light intensity in a simple way when you need it.
  • To enhance this light versatility, it is ideal that the systems are adjustable or have different types of power, for modular light depending on the time of day or activity. Don’t have the same light to read that you to watch a movie or get a few guests.
  • The indirect lighting is a resource that will allow you to provide depth and prominence some wall or walls of the room. It will give you a soft and warm light, you can integrate it into general lighting and if the system is adjustable it will give you an extra comfort in moments of relaxation.
  • Get this effect using linear led systems, placed in curtain rods and cornices bathing from the walls, to give greater depth to the room. You can also get an indirect lighting using furniture lighting shelves or Sockets .
  • Another option is to add to the general lighting some recessed ceiling to give prominence to certain spaces, walls or various elements, as pictures, sculptures, furniture or particular objects.
  • It is important that these Recessed spotlights do not coincide with the living area. On many occasions we find projects that install lights on the ceiling above the sofas or armchairs, as if sitting out a shower of light that we light up once. Something really uncomfortable.
  • Conversely, you can choose any type of recessed ceiling light fixture for the Meeting Center. In this case, ideally place it just above a coffee table. You will get to give a soft light to the room, and it will be perfect also when you want to have a high level of lighting.
  • It supports the general lighting with floor and table lamps, offering you a warm light. Place them next to the sofas as reading lights or lamps of environment. When choosing them, look at that its volume is harmonious with the living room and the rest of the furniture, so that it is aesthetically pleasing.

These are just some tips which can be useful if you are considering to illuminate optimally your living room. Please contact us, if you need to make a complete project to maximize the Interior of this room. Based on our experience and knowledge of the latest developments, you will provide modern and effective solutions to illuminate your home always taking full advantage of every stay. Share this article if you have found interesting.