IFA 2014 Overview-What We Get to See in Berlin

After the year’s biggest mobile trade fair kicks off soon in time. Here you get the big picture over the coming news.

Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, or more colloquial called IFA, is one of the world’s oldest and leading electronics trade fairs. Here visiting over a quarter of a million interested people and over 6000 journalists the weeklong trade show in Berlin.

Airfares and hotel are booked, and our site are ready to cover the largest and most important events from Europe’s biggest electronics-gathering. Here is what we expect (and hope) to see in Berlin.

Samsung large number

The second part of the UNPACKED 2014 will offer a new version of Samsung’s Notepad-phone. Galaxy Note 4 is expected, like its predecessors, being a spec-monster which competitors must deal with.

Ultra-thin, four dual HD, fingerprint reader and metalkontruktion are just some of the many features like the great phablet will regale. The faithful pen is, of course, also present, and should we believe Samsung’s many teasers up to UNPACKED it will be more than before.

In the more concentrated end of the mobile world, we expect to get really close to Samsung Galaxy Alpha up close. The sylfide-thin iPhone challenger introduces a new design and shape language for Samsung. A look we hope to see more of.

Samsung can more than phones and like to spring MWC-messe is wearables a buzz-word. Just launched Gear S smartwatch with built-in modem is the first Salvo, but it is rumored that the Virtual Reality headset also will debut this week.

Samsung’s great press-event starts Wednesday at 15:00 – follow along here on our site, where we follow the event live.

Sony’s water dogs

The Japanese electronics giant will put up with a small arsenal of watertight news. The current Z-series will get a refresh – from the pocket-friendly Z1 Compact and up to a younger brother of Z2 Z3 Compact and Z3 Tablet: tablet Compact.
The new muscular mini-mobile is expected to inherit approximately the same objectives as its predecessor, but will push a 4.6 inch Full HD display into the otherwise pocket-friendly Cabinet. Z3 Compact Tablet is expected to be a smaller, but equally potent variant of Tablet Z2.

Between the two compacts will a new flag ship to sail into port: Xperia Z3. The natural heir to topmobilen Xperia Z2 is expected again to take spring’s successful mobile and refine it further with more advanced hardware.

Finally, both a new smartwatch and smart band debut. A successor to last year’s Smartwatch 2 is in the cards. At the same time, is an exciting concept with Smart band with built-in e-ink display appeared.

Common for Sony’s news is that dust-and watertight integrity are in focus. Latest teaser suggesting that the new devices will be able to dive down to 2 metres, twice as much as other waterproof phones like the Samsung Galaxy URf.eks S5.

Sony’s event will take place Wednesday at 4.15 p.m. – follow along here at our site where we will cover the keynoten live.


Microsoft’s middle class-Nokia

There is a big gap in Microsoft’s portfolio. All three thousand crowns separates priced the Lumia 630 and the flagship Lumia 930. It is therefore not surprising that two new Lumia phones rumored to take the gap in Microsoft’s line-up.

First and most will be Lumia 830, a more compact variant of the 930, which will share large brorens excellent PureView camera-DNA and powerful engine. The screen will be smaller and countries in the region of 4.5 and 4.7 inch.

The next number in the sequence will be Lumia 730, a mid-range mobile with selfies in paramount. The more price friendly mobile will get a 4.7 inch large display with a 5MP front camera for sharp self portraits.

Last and most uncertain is the possibility of a smartwatch from Microsoft. It is rumored that a launch will take place in October, but it may be that Microsoft will give fans a sneak peek in Berlin.

Microsoft/Nokia Press Conference will take place on Thursday at 10.00. Follow along here at our site where we will follow the event closely.

Round news from LG

The Korean two don’t have any topmobil on the wallpaper. But new variants of LG G3 is expected to make debut, as LG G3 Stylus, or more affordable LG G3S.

Most striking, if only because of its beautiful design, is the world’s first round smartwatch: LG G Watch r. Agency will share the platform the rectangular LG G Watch, the world’s first Android Wear-clock.

See also: LG G Watch R-the first round smartwatch

There are no scheduled events but LG has planned some news to the 4. September.


Moreover, the exciting new

Among the other major players is Huawei, Motorola and Asus also helps to spice up this year’s IFA trade fair.

Huawei will probably unveil their upcoming hypermobil Ascend Mate 3. A 6 inch phablet with octa-core forces under the bonnet. A teaser is already now and confirms that something big, literally, is in waiting.

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Asus will also bid with a new generation of their hybrid padfones. A two-in-one solution that combines tablet and phone in a dockbar solution. Most interesting, however, is the forthcoming smartwatch is expected to undercut rivallerne on price, but hopefully not at the quality.

Motorola will finally launch their long-awaited Moto 360 smartwatch. One of the first Android Wear smart watches featuring a round display. The clock will have debut the 4. September and is expected to hit the United States in the trade 5. September.

Motorola also is expected to unveil their X + 1 flagship. The successor to the moto X will be assigned a skærmupgrade to 5.2 inch and Full HD, along with a powerful boost to the hardware.

And much more …

It is what we have in store among the big players, but both surprises and disappointments are a part of the major fairs. We look forward to reporting from Berlin, and share the news with you here on our site.

It was the quick glance-what are you most looking forward to?