Idol 4 with VR in the Box

The idol 4 Idol 4s, making the new top range of Alcatel Android portfolio. Their plastic packaging can be transformed into a VR glasses for the Smartphones with just a few hand movements.

The Chinese manufacturer TCL shows Idol 4 and 4S as the upper class of the newly renovated brand Alcatel Idol at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) the Android smartphones. The highlight here: They come in a packaging which can be rebuild with just a few hand movements in a VR glasses. In addition, Alcatel offers also a VR hub with appropriate content for download.

Eight cores and Amoled

The flagship is the idol 4S an eight-core processor Snapdragon 652 (1.8/1.4 GHz) with 3 GB RAM and 32 GByte disk space. The memory can be expanded to up to 512 GB with a MicroSD card. The Amoled screen of the 5.5-inch device solves 2560 × 1440 pixels (534 ppi).

The idol 4 is slightly narrower dimensions. 3 GB memory to the side are the Achtkerner Snapdragon 617 (1.7/1.2 GHz). For apps and data, the Smartphone offers 16 GB storage space. A MicroSD slot is also available. The IPS display measures 5.2 inches and offers full HD resolution (ppi 424).

Idol 4S-VR glasses included

Both idols are supplied with pure Android 6. Alcatel has missed the all around 7 mm thick Smartphone a striking button on the side, call the manufacturer of “Boom-Key”. With the button you can use for example the camera directly from the standby mode. Even when listening to music, movie playback, video editing or games is the boom-key with appropriate functions.

An interesting variant has come up with Alcatel for the packaging: the plastic packaging can be transformed into a simple VR glasses without additional sensors with a few simple steps. The mount make a solid first impression. To attach the head to the glasses, a band is included. On the Smartphone, there is one “One Touch VR hub”, available in the new VR content to download. “Virtual reality is the focal point of the Smartphone innovations 2016 and is still completely at the beginning”, Europe-Chef Alain Pakiry said. “Health, travel, gaming, education – the possibilities are almost unlimited.”

Idol 4 from 280 euro – Idol 4S starting from 500 euro

While the idol 4S with the VR goggles, there is the idol 4 without. Both units to arrive in Germany in may on the market, said Alcatel Manager Jens-Uwe Tahmasbi in Barcelona. The idol of 4s to almost 500 euros cost then with VR goggles, the idol 4 without the VR attachment 280 euro. The price for the smaller Smartphone with glasses is not fixed yet, should be but around 330 euros. A headset from JBL is supplied with two each.

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