Ideas for the Bedroom

Decorate a House does not depend on the budget only requires a little creativity and instinct, and I’m one of those people who prefer to go slowly, choosing a piece of furniture at a time, so we can feel the space and know what are the needs that we have. The dorm is our particular environment and we know exactly what we need in it.

You can go panning images and go feeling the ideas. I bought the nightstands exactly as I wanted, the stickers on the wall are temporary, until a better idea. After giving many laps, panning a lot of ideas, I went riding everything little by little until you reach this result.

The bedside tables are identical, but I could have chosen different models, but in this case the same size. Another tip is to use a nightstand on one side and a Chair on the other. The lamps are different, but talk to each other, because they are of the same material.

The ideal is to keep on the bedside table, lamp for reading, a box to keep the jewels, a vase and a candle. The quilt is a touch of color to the white room. The detail was with the ladder, ethnic bamboo in place of white balls, I could have used Christmas led lights, that same leverage to buy a flasher to more at this time, to be able to use all year in your room, in addition to being a point of light, it decorates one corner that is in need. Get inspired by the brilliant ideas on!