Humble Bundle Finally Gets New Android Application

New Humble Bundle application makes it extremely easy to keep track of his purchases through the Humble Bundle, both of games, music and e-books.

Humble Bundle Finally Gets New Android Application

Most who follow the mobile site will know of the Humble Bundle and their package deals of various games for computers and not at least Android phones.

Until now, the Humble Bundle had a beta version of their app as mildly has been a messy place with an incredible number of mistakes and generally horrible performance. Now is the application entry out of beta stage and is considerably better.

Version 2.0.1 has removed virtually all errors, the user interface is updated and you can actually use it for something now. With this app, you can follow along with the future packages so you don’t miss out on anything, you can see what you have previously purchased and it is now much easier to install the purchased games.

As something new, you can also download the e-books and music which is purchased through the Humble Bundle.

The new Humble Bundle application can be found here.