HTC Smartwatch

Two important HTC executives leave the company before the launch of its smartwatch in September

It seems that HTC also climb on the bandwagon of smartwatch and will in a few months as pointed the latest information reaching us about the plans of the company. Apparently HTC is preparing to unveil its first smart watch in the coming months, with September the most ballots is due to the celebration of the IFA technology fair held every year in Berlin.

HTC Smartwatch

After a few months full of complications for the company based in Taiwan, HTC seems that begins to soar thanks to the launch of large smartphones like the One M8 . However, now the company wants to target a different market and a booming such as the smartwatch might be a good strategy for winning a comfortable position in the future.

Nevertheless, not all is good news for HTC, because before the announcement of its first smartwatch occurs, the company loses two of its top executives: Fred Liu and Ben Ho . The first is the current President of Engineering and Operations and will no longer be on the ball in day to day business to take a more strategic role and character consultant.

As for Ben Ho, was he himself who has resigned only a year and a half after entering HTC. Apparently, they find the reasons behind this would be an ambitious advertising campaign HTC “Here’s To Change” with an investment of over 1,000 million dollars and that, however, proved a complete failure.

The firings of two executives HTC will not affect the roadmap of the company in the short term

We still have no clue as to how it could be the first smartwatch HTC, even if the company follows the line of design used in the M8, we are confident that you could like it so much as it is doing the Moto 360. Moreover, it is expected the device implements Android Wear operating system.

With the addition of HTC’s career smart watches, would virtually every major technology companies struggling to win the battle at the expense of Microsoft and Apple. It gets more and more interesting.