HTC Is Generous with Google Drive

There is space to download for nykøbere or holders of some HTC phones.

If consumers do not be persuaded by the phone alone, the producers must resort to other means.Samsung lures with Dropbox-space, and now plays HTC with muscles.

With the purchase of HTC One (M8), One Remix or One Max, you get not only 50 but 100 GB of storage in Google skytjeneste: Google Drive.

Other models have to look happy with respectively 25 and 15 GB.

Sitting you already with an acquired model that qualifies for the 100 GB of space to romp in, you can follow this guide in order to redeem this offer:

1. Start the prior installed Google Drive application.
2. A window should appear, in which you can taste “Redeem”.
3. Then follow the instructions.

For safety’s sake, you may want to check your available storage space in the bottom of the menu being dragged in from the left side of the Google Drive app.

You will now have access to the enlarged storage space in two years. According to Google’s FAQ should Desire 826 and 610 Desire also deserve extra storage space.