HP Elite X3 Windows 10 Phone

If Microsoft itself wants to build a “surface”phone, jumping just HP into the breach: the HP Elite X 3 with 10 Windows Mobile while has no x 86 processor that can be used but with docking station like a notebook.

When PDAs with Windows Mobile were modern, belonged to HP quite successful suppliers, but with smart phones the IT giant did badly. Now

starts the next attempt: the HP elite x 3 (codenamed Falcon) with 6-inch screen will be the probably fastest Smartphone with Windows 10. Also the accessory has it all: a notebook expansion with 12.5-inch screen, keyboard and battery will be bind your Smartphone via USB-C or Wi-Fi on. HP offers a docking station with DisplayPort, LAN, and USB ports.

As when the Microsoft Lumia 950, the extension is based on the continuum function of Windows 10 mobile, which simulates a desktop Windows of kind of with connected screens. Universal apps such as Office fit also.

High-end Smartphone with Windows 10

The Smartphone hardware is on par with that of most recent Android champions: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with four cores, 4 GB memory, QHD (2560 × 1440 pixels), protection against water ingress (IP67), fingerprint scanner and iris recognition, make the elite x 3 to a real high end device. Drops from a meter shall also indemnify survive. The internal memory size is 32 GB, a MicroSDXC slot is available.

Fast LTE cat. 6 (up to 300 MBit / s), dual-SIM support and 11ac Wi-Fi with two antennas (up 867 MBit / s) at the radio little requests leave. For photos, there is behind a camera me 16 megapixels, front a 8 MP. Aside from the C USB with USB 3.0 speed, the device can be loaded also wirelessly. A further connector on the back to allow accessories such as smart covers and additional batteries.

HP elite x wants to extradite 3 in summer. The price of the device and accessories do not call HP.

[Update 18: 00] HP has the x 3 officially unveiled, appropriate formulations have been adjusted.

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