HP Elite X3 Windows 10 Mobile

HP increases with the HP elite x a 3 and 10 Windows Mobile back in the Smartphone market. The device is not only fast, but thanks to special accessories also serves as a notebook. A first impression.

After years of abstinence from HP in the Smartphone business is back – with 10 Windows Mobile. HP elite x 3 is with 6-inch display and Spitzenaustattung a real high-end Smartphone, not to but still with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 compete, but business customers speak. There is not only a continuum dock for Windows 10. A notebook extension with display and keyboard to it to a productive work tool for on the way make. Even desktop applications for x 86 Windows to run on a detour. At MWC, we have the elite x 3 tried.

HP elite x 3 – laptop with Smartphone heart

Close the phone to the HP mobile Extender called notebook replacement or through the docking station to a large monitor, mobile apps and the surface in a kind of desktop mode running. Unlike at the also continuum-enabled smartphones, Microsoft and Acer also run x 86 software and classical desktop apps not designed 10 Mobile for Windows, by virtual machine allows HP: with the app HP workspace one speaks the virtual machines on remote computers or cloud servers, running the actual application. On the booth ran the hypervisor but in the browser and not natively as a Smartphone application. There were a complete desktop Office and other productive apps that were themselves quite quickly with mouse and keyboard.

The notebook extension named mobile Extender HP though had, showed but no working prototype. The exhibited prototypes appeared shaky and hastily screwed together. But otherwise, you should meet the final product.

The Extender should weigh less than one kilogram and a 48 WH battery. Easily the device feels actually. Apart from the 12.5-inch display with full HD resolution, keyboard and diverse connections, no technique, but also inside the extension. The apps run exclusively on the Smartphone. Potentially, it is more stable and more flexible can be used as the Windows tablets like the Surface Pro 4 pin keyboards when typing. The tip feeling already made a neat impression. The fixed base and the adjustable screen tapping on the lap quite comfortable.

The notebook replacement via USB-type-C (USB-3.0 – ski speed) or wirelessly via 11ac Wi-Fi is connected. There is a slot for the Smartphone. Ideally the Smartphone should just stay in the Pocket, while you work with the notebook replacement. HP hopes to support also 801. 11ad, in the final product because so faster reactions and greater bandwidth than ever before with Miracast might be possible. That bothered at the Lumia 950 Microsoft still clearly. Shows the connection has HP but yet.

High end Smartphone for executives

On the speed of the actual Smartphone there to suspend little. Windows 10 mobile reacted fast and not hakelte. Snapdragon is already properly equipped 820 and 4 GB RAM. The screen makes a sharp impression with 2560 × 1440 pixels and is also very bright. Outdoors he is likely not to stand in the way.

When touched, the optically noble impression is troubled by plastikhafte feel. The shiny chrome trim on the lower edge of the housing acts upon closer inspection less noble and is prone to fingerprints. For this, the device despite its size is comparatively easy. Because the Smartphone should appear only in the summer, the appearance of even the pre-series statute may be owed. That it should survive falls from a height of one meter and be waterproof, it doesn’t answer currently still him.

Interesting are the five Pogo pins on the back of the Smartphone. Accessories such as additional batteries and smart covers to be bound later about it. Nothing was seen of it so far.

Appear to the elite x 3 in the summer. Prices could not call HP so far. He is expected but similar high like in the other high-end smartphones, so rather than 600-700 euros. It will along with the accessories but “cheap” according to HP. Buy you can’t do it well on the classic consumer channels. Instead, primarily business customers to buy the device in the package with the accessory as a complete solution. It will be on the HP store but free to buy. (asp)

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