How to Wear Treggings

Treggings recently went on sale, but has managed to conquer many of the fairer sex who want to look more attractive and stylish. These tight pants made of cotton with lycra impurity, and therefore visually reminiscent of leather goods, is a symbiosis of leggings and jeans. First they borrowed their style, and the second-details like belt and pockets.

Those who want to fill your wardrobe tregginsami, note that they are really convenient, practical and attractive enough. Because of the composition of the tissues of these pants have a sculpting effect, which allows you to make the figure more slender. However, they look best on lean women who have sufficiently long and slender legs. But BBW a similar subject ladies toilet still stands abandoned.

Since treggings very narrow and very tight-fitting shape, they must be chosen in accordance with loose clothing. The exception is unless tops , but in this case must be the owner of a wasp waist, so a similar suit looks really attractive. All others can complement all treggings free T-shirts to mid-thigh, classic shirts, sweaters and long jumpers.  In addition, with treggings ami will look wide variety of styles of tunics and short knit dress free cut.

For those women who want to emphasize the dignity of the figure and at the same time to make a lasting impression on others, can be worn treggings complete self-colored shirts and short leather jackets. A similar effect can be achieved if the outfit to complement short leather jacket . Do not forget about stylish jackets made of leather, which are very popular in recent times.But clothing made of denim brand is not combined with similar pants.

If the first treggings made exclusively of black shiny fabric, today the color palette of pants just amazing. Therefore treggings included in the list of most popular club clothes that can not only complement everyday things, but also, for example, very original outfits. For secular parties treggings can be combined with long velvet lawn or chiffon blouses, as well as going to the disco, it is considered to be the best fit and the importance of all time team. At the same time we must not forget that the accent color should always be treggings , so do not pick up their clothes match. For example, black treggings listed on A2ZDirectory is best combined with a light on top and a colorful model is entirely appropriate clothing,

Sustained in one color, but a few shades lighter or darker.

Treggings are attractive because they can be worn with almost any shoes. They are equally well will look good and dress shoes and ballet flats. Well, boots and boots in this case fashion is a gift. In addition, fans of sports style clothing can safely complete treggings sneakers or running shoes . The only type of footwear, which in this case would be inappropriate are loafers.

As for outerwear, it is a luxury fur coats, classic coats and cloaks, should be immediately forgotten. Short youth jackets and down jackets in this case would be much preferred. In addition, you can complement the elegant suit shortened sheepskin and narrow coat, parka orponcho, which in this case would be quite appropriate.