How to Wear Tight Tights

Stockings are so firmly established in the life of modern women, most of them do not even think about how and what they wear. Of course, when it comes to semi-transparent nylon stockings, then these problems do not arise. But if the fairer sex in the cold season, you want to feel really comfortable and get tight tights with the addition of wool or cotton to pick clothes for them should be special attention.

The fact is that these nails immediately catch the eye because of its texture. Therefore, it must be remembered that only black in this case is able to make perfect legs thin. All other colors, even if it is light blue or orange tights, visually will perform hip and thigh. So ladies and who is not different natural instability through experiments similar color best abandoned.

External tight tights do not look particularly attractive. However, women who prefer winter dresses and skirts practical and comfortable pants, no choice in this case. There is only one way out-to pick up clothes so that she has helped to transform the rough texture of thick tights lack of dignity in the first place, we must remember that a classic business suit tight tights must be combined. in such a situation it is better to sacrifice comfort and choose their transparent option than done irreparable damage to their image. But with knitted dresses and skirts tight tights fit perfectly.In addition, they can contact classic sex, provided that this duo is complemented with a thick sweater with a large viscous, cardigan, vest or jacket.

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It should also be noted that tight pantyhose look good with short self-colored dresses of wool or gabardine fabric buklirovannoy. For those who love all kinds of experiments with their own look, you can wear thick tights, combined with shorts to mid-thigh and elongated bulky sweaters. In addition, these tights perfectly fit all kinds of knitted tunics. It is important remember that these two toilet articles must be combined with each other in color. It will also be quite original look outfit, consisting of a free man shirt to mid-thigh and tight pantyhose, complete with a stylish leather jacket or short jacket. And, of course, tight pantyhose can safely be worn under any trousers exclusively to not freeze in winter.

Shoes selected in tight tights must be very carefully. First, we are talking about shoes that are not recommended for use in this case. The same goes for sandals and clogs , and some models of shoes with open toes or heels. Autumn thick tights must be worn with loafers , boots massive tractor-soled boots or shoes. In winter, you can use any model of boots. However, the most impressive look these tights with military boots and much worse-high boots with heels that include the creation of elegant and air-an image that does not include the presence of thick tights. In addition, it should be noted that white boots contraindicated in combination with black thick stockings, and vice versa. If you choose bright and unusual version of tights, clothes must be at least one element that matches their color.