How to Wear Short Skirts in Summer

The Style Shows Shape Corresponding

But I’ll start again. Let me give you a few tips on how you could clothe you your body shape according to the most advantageous. That is really not that you should also so clothe you! Are you things outside the scheme F then carries out and have fun. I find nothing more beautiful than women who wear their clothes with joy.

The Figure Types

From a certain dress size, about 42 to different body shapes can be recognized. We have the apple, pear and hourglass as examples.

Or so our thoughts are in the summer, when we try on skirts and dresses, standing before the mirror and ask ourselves whether the skirt is too short, and if we would rather should not wear leggings underneath, according to DiseasesLearning. At 30 ° in the shade, I tell you: Let the leggings off. The skirt may also end times 15cm above the knee, while you can you go in it feels comfortable and confident you to the swimming pool.

Figure Type Apple

The figure type apple is above the hips rounded, usually marked by a larger belly. For narrow hips and legs. Wonderful to this type fit beautiful light tunics that swirl around the abdomen. Thanks to the narrow legs look here shorts and short skirts very good. So do not be shy girls. At 30 ° really you should not be dragged in long pants.

On the picture I wear a shorter dress. This length is my comfort limit, shorter dresses I personally would not wear. A similar dress you find for example at Asos . But most of all women with an apple figure can wear shorts wonderful. Try it yourself with shorts or Bermuda.

Figure Type Bulb

The bulb is characterized by wide hips / buttocks and stockier legs, but with a narrow waist. This figure type I would recommend soft flowing knee-length skirts and obenrum a nice little tight-fitting top with neckline. Stressed so your upper body area. Gladly with light prints or striking colors. Yes, we too Plus Size Girls should rely on colors and prints. As you can see on my picture below. It is of course a matter of taste. In this case I put my bottom portion with a floral skirt scene. If you do not feel comfortable in something, I can also pencil skirts recommend in muted colors and a shell that the hip slightly covered.

Figure Type Hourglass

The figure type Hourglass characterized by approximately the same wide hips, shoulders and a pronounced waist. This should also be emphasized by waisted blouses or shirts. In my opinion are hourglass figures pencil skirts very good, but also skirts in A-line. Level for this figure, there are several dresses on offer. Again, the dress may like to end just above the knee, at discretion, and of course higher. As long as ye everything feels okay. In this picture I’m wearing a dress in knee length. For many women, this length is just right and absolute well-being choices. If you rarely wear dresses or skirts, a length would be such just right for you. This waisted dress from Asos Curve I find very beautiful for example.

As you can see I have categorically ruled out in any instance skirts or shorts. Everything is possible. For those who do not feel comfortable in something like that, there are still maxi skirts and dresses . Whether with print or monochrome. Combine you such a skirt with a breezy shirt or blouse.