How to Wear Leggings Properly

To fix as may properly wear leggings different options do not have to spend a lot of effort. For starters note that leggings have seasonality. So now, leather and wool gaiters should dress in their legs in the fall and winter. And here leggings by lighter materials such as nylon or thick lace is suitable for the sultry summer.

Leggings to be worn with caution. Because, frankly, not all girls in the light of smooth legs. And if in this matter nature has little did anyone evil is not worth the situation worse, by which attract attention to himself leggings.
Basically leggings are a real salvation for the wicked leg. At the expense of their density, they will add volume.

Here striped leggings, a kind of style “Jolly-long Range ‘should be worn only young ladies thin and full legs. Otherwise striped leggings will create the effect of huge, thick legs.
This element female wardrobe appropriate look with different shoes. Want to be bold and to force ourselves views men? Then wear nylon leggings with tuflyami high heels. Method of students for a long time will make men mad.

No less beautiful look leggings in combination with sports suit and krossovkami. On the streets of our city goes a lot of girls in traditional sports suits. You will agree has been quite odnoobraznaya little dull picture. But if you wear pants in sporty leggings, then it will look simply stunning.

What to Wear Long And Plain Leggings?

With botushi and boots on the temple with the current set of ksa floor and shorts. Momicheta, Dreben on rst, not zhelatelno e da ce razbivat its silhouette on the line. A UTB Visoko ladies Mauger safe yes se Visoki wear leggings and botushi. When Tova e zhelatelno for yes Topley chorapi sa over liniyata at nai-Temple obuvki 15 cm

It is also quite original look long leggings, if you pull below the knee. Ye must be formed at the foot of the large folds. The latest trend are spats that completely cover the heel of the shoe.