How to Wear Legging Faux Leather

You see it everywhere, it makes you eye, but you do not dare to fall in love… The leather leggings or leather look is a stylish yet easy piece to wear with good manual!

Above all, it is good to know that the leggings / jeggings is not suitable for all body types. If sublime thin and shapely silhouettes, it also highlights the imperfections saddlebags type thick calves… prefer “real” leather pants / imitation if you are a bit round.

Choosing the leather leggings or leather look

The golden rule: if you opt for the faux, beware of the “plastic” effect. Choose good quality and the most similar as possible to real leather. We like the Jegging model by Stradivarius (€ 29.95), modern with shiny side and matte side.

What to wear with leggings in leather or imitation leather?

Unless you are extremely well proportioned, forget immediately the crop top. For a chic rendering, leather leggings or leather is doing quite fluid with a high, rather long, as the bells sleeve shirt Stradivarius (€ 19.95).

Another piece to banish: the leather blazer, unless you wanted a total biker look. Prefer other materials. Feet, a pair of heeled boots (€ 39.95) or even ballerinas go perfectly with this type of leggings.

Finally Complete the outfit with the time trend accessories: a fringed bag candy (€ 29.95) and / or a flat studded hat (€ 19.95).You are now ready to unsheathe the leather leggings / leather look with style!