How to Wear Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet tights once already appeared in the wardrobe of fashionistas. And it was not so long ago-about 80-ies of the last century. But in those days, such tights quickly went out of fashion, which probably was due to the fact that the then Soviet women simply had nowhere to wear. Currently, the situation has radically changed-these days, when fishnet tights are back in fashion, modern girls have the opportunity to go into them at a party, a walk, cinema, nightclub or disco. But, unfortunately, some women fishnet stockings purchased by them or are gathering dust in the closet for the reason that they are the owner just does not know how and with what they can carry. Therefore, it makes sense to tell the modern fashionable women about how and what you can wear such a thing in more detail.

If you decide to purchase a fishnet tights, or have already purchased, you will first need to know that they can not only attract male heightened attention to your legs and emphasize their beauty, but also to kill all interest in him. And, in many ways, depending on whether they are suitable specifically for you, or you are still better for them to forget.

The latter would be wiser to do in the two cases-if your feet are far from perfect or fishnet tights did not fit into your style of clothing. Let’s look at these cases in more detail. The first case is likely to clear-mesh tights or with an openwork pattern, of course, can not be overlooked, so if you have problems with their feet, then put on a fishnet tights is not necessary – it is unlikely you will decorate.

The second case is not so categorical as the first-even if you constantly wear, such as sportswear and shoes, fishnet stockings which did not fit, it does not mean that they should not even be in your wardrobe. If you allow your figure, you can afford to hit the audience with the beauty of your legs in fishnet stockings at the gala evening, which you certainly do not come in a tracksuit and sneakers.

Not all modern fashionable ladies know that tights with openwork pattern may be present even in your everyday wardrobe. But for this they need to color perfectly blend in with your things. So, dark fishnet tights fit well under a dark skirt and bright tights with openwork weave enhance the beauty of your legs in case you are wearing light-colored items.

If not adopted a strict dress code in your office, you are not prohibited to wear a skirt-pencil black black tights with openwork. So your strict office suit will look more feminine.

Like black leggings on Mcat-Test-Centers, the translucent fishnet tights with intricate openwork pattern, of course, are only good for evening dresses. But remember that, as they say stylists, in this case, your evening dress should not have a lot of decorative elements or intricate design cut – it does not attract the attention of others. A very harmonious look like tights with a classic little black dress.