How to Wear Dresses with Long Sleeves

The dresses with long sleeves are currently trendy, especially in the version with transparent sleeve and bell mouth sleeve. To set the look, however, one must know how to balance this hybrid piece, ensuring a harmonious and comfortable visual. So check what to do – and what not – to wear dresses with long sleeves in the right way.


To use the dresses with long sleeves there is no big secret about the piece, since depending on the model it is quite classic and timeless. Still, keeping in mind a few tips can help you combine this piece in the right way. To wear dresses with long sleeves prefer

Focusing on pantyhose

On colder days, betting on pantyhose is a great choice not to get uncomfortable and ensure the use of this piece that mixes the toasty warm sleeves with legs out.

If your dress is black or more sober, your pantyhose can be black to create a rather fashionista visual. Longer if you do not want to create contrast ideally, prefer the pantyhose with the skin tone.

  • Invest in powerful shoes

As your arms and probably your neck are covered, all attention goes to your legs and feet. So it is highly recommended that you invest in a powerful pair of shoes that fits all the sophistication of the long sleeve.

If the dress is nobler, the powerful shoes will finish off the look. But if your dress is more casual or with alternative materials, such as wool or sweatpants, the result is an unexpected hi-lo visual.

  • Fold the sleeves if possible

If your dress does not have a much glued sleeve, you can consider folding or raising the sleeves. In such cases, you can ensure a more casual look and also enhance the silhouette.

It is important, however, that the dress does not get tangled with a portion and that the folded look really fits the model.

  • Balance the look

A dress with long sleeves, unless it is a long dress, naturally covers much on the top and more free at the bottom. This in itself creates a swing, but the wrong choices could end up devaluing the whole look.

This is the case, for example, to use massive accessories on top and sin in the choice of shoes, for example. In the case of choosing a dress covered with cloth too and it seems only stifling rather than beautiful. Therefore, the key to this look is to bet on balancing the look.


Unlike dresses with short sleeves, which generally have no major restrictions, wearing the dress with long sleeves requires a little more attention so you do not end up with an unwanted look. In such cases, you should not:

  • Exaggerate accessories

Returning to the topic of balancing the look, you should not overdo the accessories. Usually long-sleeved dress cover in the neck area, then the ideal is that you let go of the collar. If it is turtleneck, big earrings should also be disregarded and then you can bet on the rings and the bracelets, if you are with the rolled up sleeves.

The bag, usually a clutch or a smaller version, also needs to match the look and therefore a very large or very striking piece can make the sophisticated look fall to the ground.

  • Use on very hot days

Okay that it seems an obvious tip, but many people do not realize that despite this model being a dress with long sleeves. In a tropical country like Brazil it can be assured of much sweat and discomfort.

Therefore, the ideal is not to use this model on very hot days, leaving it for milder days or half-season at least.

  • Buy the wrong size

The sleeves, of course, will define and outline your arms, but you know what happens when you buy that dress in the wrong size? You simply cannot move. Furthermore, depending on the fabric you win a frayed appearance and all ratios are going down the drain.

So, when buying a dress with long sleeves is preferable to select and adjust one that will fit well in arms, but that it is off the waist than one that wears well in the rest of the body, but tightens the arms.

  • Use with heavy boots

Long sleeve combines boots that suits cold, right? So far, there is no problem, but wear dresses with long sleeves with very heavy boots, like the country style is a guarantee of a look that seems confused and without fashion direction. If you want to use boots, prefer the over the knee, motorcycle or ankle boots, provided, of course, match the model.

To use the dresses with long sleeves it takes common sense and harmony in the choices, getting the look that this play deserves. If you have not one in your wardrobe, run to get your piece and create different combinations.