How to Wear Cufflinks

How to Wear Cufflinks?

First, know that you can not wear cufflinks with any shirt. Indeed, it should be provided with the so-called French cuffs. These have buttonholes on both their parts, which allows to insert the cufflink.

But this isn’t the only detail that matters for good wearing this gem: he must also take into account the type of button you choose, depending on your style and other accessories you plan to wear, in order to match and not to make bad taste. Have a style, it’s above all treat the details of her outfit.

Choose which buttons of cuff links?

There are in particular two criteria that must attract your attention. First of all, does choose cufflinks silver or golden? Be aware that depends on accessories and jewelry usually wear. For example, if you have a silver bracelet on the wrist, not question to accompany him by the golden cufflinks, it always matches the metal between them. This is also valid for the color of the button, she must come join perfectly with the clothes that you wear, for a reminder of color so stylish but discreet.

If you are still in doubt about using cufflinks, here are some more inspirations: