How to Wear Colored Leggings

Leggings have already become an indispensable part of the wardrobe of every woman, especially in the cold season. However, besides being warmed tights, they still can decorate female legs, especially, if the color tights. But dare to wear colored tights, not all women. And most often it is due to the fact that the fair sex do not know with what they can be combined and therefore afraid to look ridiculous. Certainly, tights and beige flesh do not require a detailed compilation of the wardrobe, but, nevertheless, every woman should remember that properly selected color tights can effectively supplement their wardrobe at the lowest cost. So, how to properly combine with other colored tights female wardrobe things? Let’s look at this in more detail.

If you like the leggings bright and saturated colors, create your ensemble, so that they were his only bright spot-all the other things in this case must be designed in gray or black.

Women who are dissatisfied with the length of his legs, stylists offer visually enlarge them using colored tights. Make it easy – it is only necessary to make your wardrobe so that the color of your tights as much coincided with the color of the lower part of your ensemble with pants or a skirt.

Buying colored tights, remember that to a set of clothes looked holistically, it is necessary that there were three elements of the same color.Therefore, even if you liked, for example, toxic-green tights, but you no longer have the things or accessories for the custom color, from the purchase of this model is better to refuse.

Solid colored tights stylists recommend to wear with tunics, blouses or dresses, sewn from fabric with ornament. In this case, the color of your tights can match not only general background ornamented figure, but with the color of the individual elements-for example, petals or peas. And, as they say experts on fashion trends, the less color you selected tights takes place on the fabric with an ornament, the more interesting it will look like your ensemble

Equally stylish looks set, designed in one color. But creating such an ensemble, it is very important to choose the right shade of color – remember, that it should be a bit muted, so as not to cause irritation in others. This kit necessarily need an accessory-it can be a scarf, a brooch or pendant.Accessory in this ensemble will serve as the focus, to attract the attention of the interlocutor.

During the cooler months, many of the fair sex gladly wear knitted things -blazers, tops, turtlenecks or jackets. If you pick up the matching them by the tone of colored tights, your set will be perfect.

the most versatile can be considered Of all colored tights pantyhose gray – they are suitable for almost every outfit. In addition, if you have extra weight, the gray stockings-just for you, because they visually make women’s legs much slimmer.

Color tights can quite match the color of your shoes. This combination looks great on girls of low growth, as in this kit, they are visually slightly higher.

Not all women are hesitant to wear colored tights with patterned commercially available. It is worth noting that such models are only permitted in the wardrobe of young girls, and, so to pick up a pair of tights should be so that the length dresses or skirts above the knee was sure, otherwise the image will look incomplete.