How to Wear Cirre Pants

The cirre is characterized by a glossy finish, which brings attitude and sophistication to the productions for different occasions

It has been a while since the fashion of the gym has taken to the streets and completing the style of many women.

One of the most popular pieces in this regard is cirre pants, modeling fit and with glossy finish. If you’re passionate about the comfort of legging but need something with a less sporty face, cirre is a great fit!

She is perfect to create striking and uncomplicated looks, because, with some adaptations, she fits well on any occasion.

Check out the tips of the fashion and style consultant, Marci Marciano, and learn how to combine this piece with your routine and style.

Day to day

The cirre in the day to day can bring daring or sophistication to the look, depending on the color of the pants. According to the consultant, a good tip for a balanced look is to wear with longer sweaters: “Since it is a sensual touch piece, not to convey the wrong message (of course this goes of the personality of each one) it is advisable to use with parts of More fluid, preferably covering the butt. ”

Wear Cirre Pants

At work

At work you can also use Cirre? Of course yes! The secret is to seek to harmonize the look according to your work environment. Marci teaches the trick: “Since it comes from the sport world, it’s cool to merge with more formal pieces like blazers and thin-tipped shoes.”

In the night club

The cirre pants in the ballad may be the star of the look, bringing brilliance and comfort at the same time. “The interesting thing is to let the pants be the center of attention and use with other less attractive pieces. Avoid pieces that have a lot of prominence, very high heels, since the pants for having brightness already makes a very striking point in the look.”, Guides the fashion consultant.

In the winter

In a period when the looks are generally more opaque, the cirre can bring sophistication and brightness to the production, working up to star of the look.”It looks great with wide knits and, on the feet, sneakers or boots .It will always bring more elegance. ”

Flared cirre pants

In addition to the traditional modeling of cirre pants, which follows the cut of a legging, it is also possible to find cirre pants from other models.”The flare cirre is great for those who have visual weight on hips, thighs and butt, elongate the silhouette and convey bare elegance. It goes well with shirts and blazers ! “Says Marci.

Wide leg cirre pants

Brings an air of street to the look, and refers to hip hop. Looks great with cropped blouses and sneakers. But because it is wider it also allows for looks with shirts and sneakers making a neat and elegant look. With heel he goes to work.

Were you charmed by the versatility and the attitude of those pants? Choose one to call your own!

One more beautiful than the other right?No doubt, you find a cirre that matches your style and completes your wardrobe.

If you are still in doubt about using or not wearing cirre pants, here are some more inspirations.

Cirre pants go through many styles and lavish comfort. Just pick your favorite way of combining it and going around rattling!