How to Wear Black Leggings

Imagine the female wardrobe without tights simply impossible. This garment is any modern or not the fairer sex without it can not do any cold winter or rainy autumn or hot spring. And in the hot summer, no, no and will have to wear tights.

Rules of etiquette and dress code no one has canceled, and bare female legs in some cases can be not only appropriate but vulgar and indecent.

But today we’re talking about the classics-flesh-colored tights that mimic second skin, or simply become almost invisible feet. It’s black, thick tights-headliner of this fashion season.

Once black tights and considered bad taste to wear them was a risky business in a decent society. But today things have changed, black tights must have for every fashion.

First, let’s see if all black tights “created equal”? Considered fashionable and stylish black tights 100 days and above. (Den-. Name density of tights) Tights 100 days is usually thick and transparent, but depending on the manufacturer can become more transparent on the knees and hips when they carry.

Buying thick tights sure to open the package and stretch the fabric in his fist-if the voltage varies widely hue, then in this case it is better to give preference to other brands or choose a pair with a higher density.

It should be noted that 100 is the minimum value of the pit,200 days is much better and more fashionable currently looking black leggings – they provide a perfectly smooth one color matte finish. There are even pantyhose 800 days, they have sculpting effect and can reduce the size of thighs than 5 cm.

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Wearing a tight black leggings underneath should be almost all clothes – in any case, they will look better than their physical counterparts. Advised by AnswerResume, the black leggings make legs visually slimmer and longer.

Black tights you can wear under office attire (if permits dress code). White blouse , jacketor vest pencil skirt and black tights – great for office. In addition, tight tights much harder to break when they wear upholstery can last a month or even season. And this is a significant saving money, girls know how it is wasteful to buy a new pair of tights to replace broken.

You will have a night out? The dress was stripped and hung on hangers waiting for his moment of glory? Be sure to wear thick black tights. If the dress is black and short, you get thin, smooth silhouette. This is a winning combination for every country-you are one hundred percent will not go unnoticed, and attention will be paid to you enough. Black blends perfectly with each other – red, blue, green, yellow. Only in pastel shades in some cases it is better to choose brown or gray thick tights.

Short shorts can be worn today and in the winter it would be appropriate, but only if they wear thick black tights. Tights 200 den creates an effect similar to leggings , which means that your feet are completely covered, thereby muting the revelation of short shorts. This dress you can afford to put at the club, at a party. If extended shorts – and then to work or school.

Thick black tights dress with skirt are simply irreplaceable. No matter what style and length you plan to wear a skirt, black tights and stock up your outfit instantly become a modern, stylish and fashionable.

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This is seemingly little thing like tights can make your outfit substantial and fundamental changes.