How to Wear A Shawl Poncho Style

The days are getting shorter, temperatures are cooler and we always want more nestle in cozy clothing that is comfortable and keeps us warm. Drivers who look for an alternative to cardigans, sweaters, jackets and coats, and thereby will still be top styled, it should be with aponcho taste.

Like last year, the poncho is also this fall an absolute trend piece, which in the closet of every fashionista should not be ignored. For just as the Cape, he has made in recent years to an absolute fashion highlight.

Where Does The Poncho?

The mere sound of the word is reminiscent of South America – and that is where the casual trend piece comes from. The origins of the poncho in the indigenous, the indigenous people of South America and is still in many countries, such as Spain or Mexico, a traditional garment. Initially, the poncho was merely a piece of cloth with a slit in the middle. Here the head could be inserted so that the cloth fell warming over the shoulde.

Today, there are in addition to the original form in hip-sectional shapes and capes or ponchos, which are made as a hulking Cardigan.

There currently are ponchos with celebrities, designers and fashion magazines extremely popular.
Where Abound-everywhere you will find the trendy Schulterschmeichler. Right: You are not only comfortable, but also stylish a real looker! The various models surprise with a variety of colors and patterns. Whether with folklore patterns, fluttering fringes, in Glenchick look or in classic muted colors – Ponchos are available in countless variations.

How to Wear A Poncho?

One should keep in combining a poncho necessarily in mind: Consider your silhouette!Because even if the cuddly wool throws can flatter any figure type and so cover some problem areas, they see with the wrong garments combined very moderately from. It’s best to choose a skinny jeans or leggings , so that your legs get contour. Short skirts or shorts combined with tights are another way. From wide trousers and voluminous long skirts you should rather refrain. So the silhouette is quickly lost and it acts quickly lush as you ar.

Ponchos are the year also particularly suitable as stylish transition jacket or as a substitute for a vest. Otherwise, the trend piece can also be worn on blouse or long sleeve instead of a sweater or cardigan.

The current sneaker -Trend must not stop here. A casual touch gets your poncho outfit if ye bear it with comfortable sneakers. Professional tip: Vote The shoes color.
Elegant look especially solid color poncho and cape, when combined with long, large chains.

As always, applies here: Less is more. In patterned poncho the remaining clothes should be covered and monochrome. Is your poncho kept discreet, you can Naturally conspicuous pants or leggings wear listed on militarynous.

The poncho is really an absolute trend-part and the perfect companion for the fall and winter.The best part is that it not only looks good and is trendy, but that it is just awful comfortable and luxuriously soft. Ideal for a relaxing autumn walk in nice weather, for an event where you want to look particularly stylish or just in everyday life – for me an absolute must-have!

How to Combine a poncho?

An extra wide poncho knitted or felt with ethnic prints can think back to the wild hippy era and fits perfectly into a casual look. But the poncho can also be a wonderful elegant styling in scene. For a noble appearance it is most fun with sunglasses,  elegant bag  and high heels.Also knee boots can thus be combined perfectly.