How to Wear A Dress with Boots for Winter

Would you like a modern look, cool?

So, just choose a dress, be it short, loose, long, spaghetti straps, more closed, plain, printed, romantic, sexy, low-cut in front or back, wear a nice pair of boots and ready … success for sure!

Wrong who thinks dresses don’t mix with colder days… because here we don’t have winters too strict.

What? Still not convinced?

Then, continue with us and discover how to use dress with boots and … kick ass!

The more tuned already realized that since the t-shirt dress won the taste and the hangers of the girls, as well as the shirtdress, the dresses have become mandatory, even in colder days, accompanied by pantyhose and, of course, boots!

And can celebrate, because fashion is super eclectic, i.e. microedu models of boots that are using are the most varied possible, from western to boot more hulking, all it takes is knowing combine to make the look balanced.

Ideal for those who do not feel very comfortable with my legs outside, but you don’t want to wear only slacks, in addition, the boot is the right complement for those who want to give a charm to your looks, and the cool thing is that it goes well in all styles, from the most basic to Bo-ho.
And who says you can’t make a romantic production with dress boots? Yes, even doing a very nice contrast of a dress in a fabric super soft with a heavier boot, is an incredible charm!
There are many rules for anything, much less to fashion, who’s afraid to dare must follow some tips, which are:

  • A tip for those who are afraid to dare is to let the clothes length determine the size of the barrel of the boot.
  • The longer pipes are ideal for short dresses and vice versa.
  • In terms of color, boots of warm colors (red, brown, orange, etc.) are ideal to combine with jeans – because the blue goes very well with these tones, but that does not prevent to combine it with black or white.
  • A tip for those who don’t want to dare is to combine the colors of the boots with belt colors, in case you want to use the accessory.
  • The low boots, or staying in the ankle, decrease the size of the legs, the hint, if very short, is to invest in pants or 7/8 socks to lengthen the region.

Super long pipes are ideal for miniskirts or short dresses.

However, it takes a certain caution on top, which should be more sober, without many details, not to run the risk of the result is much “over”, or vulgar.
A production that looks good and super cool is that mix income dresses boots more rough, low barrel, like the ankle boots. If income is Clara, the tip is to opt for footwear more dark, like black and vice versa.
But, of course, as I said, there is no rule that cannot be broken … and, let’s face it, is also a charm that kind of dress with longer boots.
A Tip for those who have big hips and want to hide it, it’s use over the dress a cardigan long below the hips, opt for one without volume and without many details in this region, complement with a bootie, a charm!
Another very interesting tip is trying to mix super feminine dress delicate with lace or floral pattern, with riding boots, the result of this mix is a look pretty cool and stylish.

Well, that’s it, I hope you enjoy and can kick ass in different looks of wearing boots!

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