How to Ventilate Room Without Window

The window is one of the most important parts of home. after all, it ensures air circulation, light entry and ventilation for residents.

However, not all settings of the project are planned with windows. In this case, the question is: what to do to circumvent the lack of lighting and air circulation?

The webpage brings basic tips to help you make a room without windows more enjoyable.

There are two practical solutions in the case of absence of windows in the room structure: the first idea is the good and old reform – trying to make a window appear in the environment.

If you opt for restructuring, an output is the natural lighting. The light illuminates the room from above and not from the side. This is because the idea is to open a opening in the ceiling for the passage of light and, if open, then air. Several zenith elements are available in the market. An interesting alternative is the glass brick with ventilation. This material costs, on average, US $ 25.

The skylight is another great idea of natural lighting, effective, and it leaves the room with a refined air. This technique basically consists of an opening in the top of the building to allow the passage of light but it necessarily implies that the passage is closed. Materials such as glass or semi-transparent plastic dome are the most used to cover the gap.

The problem with this alternative is that the room needs to withstand sudden changes in its structure. Otherwise there is no way to open a passage for ventilation and light. The money spent on it is usually a good investment, since this way the problem is solved completely.

But if you do not want to crash and mess or if the site does not allow changes to be made in the structure, the second option is more simple: use the right equipment to make it a more tolerable environment.

It is important. First, be aware of the decoration. Tightly sealed environments need to be designed carefully. After all, they are already naturally dark and muffled by the lack of air circulation and light. So take it easy at the time to spruce up your environment to not compromise comfort.

You’d better give preference to lighter and more neutral colors. For example, pastel shades are a great alternative to color your environment rightly.

It is essential that you do not overload the room with furniture and decorative objects. But that does not mean they can not exist. You just have to be careful not to build a claustrophobic atmosphere in space. Opting for glass doors can be an intelligent output to take good advantage of the external light.

Installing an air conditioning is adequate and relatively simple solution to this problem. But it is not always the cheapest option. The positive side to choose this device as a solution is that the money is usually abundant. It is installed quickly and does not generate dirt or dust.

However, the air conditioning consumes a lot of energy and needs constant maintenance to not cause respiratory problems who are constantly in contact with the unit.

If your case is a bathroom without windows, you bet on scented candles or flavoring. But do not overload with smells, since it is difficult to give a vent to particles of perfume and this can leave the environment a strong and nauseating aroma.

Electric towel rails are also a practical alternative. As there is no air circulation, towels take longer time to dry, as moisture remains longer in the environment. These devices heat the towels and other fabrics that may be wet and accelerate drying.

But the air circulation is not the only impasse. So is the lack of natural light. So in artificial lighting design, give preference to white lamps and watch the details such as their temperature, not to heat the environment further. Do not dismiss fans and plants. Although they do not give account to solve the problem by itself, they are helpful enough in air circulation and freshness of the environment.

With creativity and caution, it is easy to become easy to make a pleasant and cooler spaces indoors. Do you have other ideas to air environments without windows? Tell to us.