How to Use the Earphones to Avoid Hearing Problems?

In-ear headphones are one of the most used by music consumers in their modern gadgets.Also called “in ear”, these headphones are very effective in canceling external noises, allowing the user to listen with more quality to their favorite songs.However, its use for long periods of time and at very high volume can cause serious hearing problems, which are often unrecoverable.

Headphones:What you need to know to choose a good model

To learn how to use this accessory without future hearing problems, aBlogtoPhone has an article that can help you.

Make the right choice

Keep in mind before making a purchase that these headphones should present good audio quality and a good ergonomic design.As this accessory will be very close to a very sensitive part of our body and responsible for our auditory system, the eardrum.Always test the brands that have name in the market and think about the cost benefit, which in this case, involves your health.

There are several problems that can be found in low quality headsets.Some of them present undesirable noises, volume outside established safety standards, poor quality materials and sometimes rigid ones that cause discomfort.Many of these accessories are available by major brands as gifts in the purchase of products and have reliable quality and even size adjustments represented by different sizes of silicone caps.

Know the correct size and the actual mode of use

Most of the intra-auricular phones found on the market come with three size options for external silicone hubs.In practice, the user must test each one to feel which one fits perfectly in his ear without being loose or falling at all times.

The function of these covers is to create an anatomical fit so that an acoustic insulation is formed without forcing the ear canal too much.This way, you do not have to leave the volume too high and force your hearing too hard.

Some in ear earphones cost more but have a same layer of silicone with three levels of insulation, but they hardly fit properly in the ear.So if you choose to buy these headphones with “gradual” type of headphones, try to test as many models as possible before opting for a brand.

Correct use mode

It is never too much to follow the information contained in the instruction manual of the products we have purchased.This also works for headphones.Each brand and model has different directions on how to insert this accessory correctly, so it is very important to follow the instructions of the model you have purchased.

Remember that it is not recommended to force the handset into the ear canal.This is a common mistake that should be avoided since silicone anatomical covers ensure acoustic insulation without over-insertion.

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Initially, it is important to relax the jaw, and if possible open the mouth so that your ear canal becomes as open as possible.To fit them correctly you will need to lightly pull your ear back with your hand passing behind your head as this will ensure the right angle of the ear tip on your ear without the need to push the earpiece too far into the ear canal.

Attention with the correct side of the headphones

As much as both sides of the headphones are the same, it is very important to know what your correct reference is within the stereo panorama of a song.Most of the brands show in their headphones a small embossed point on the phone that represents the left side, as well as letter signs: L for left side and R for direct side.


Most manufacturers indicate that silicone covers are cleaned weekly to maintain the hygiene and proper functioning of the headphones.To remove dirt, it is a good idea to soak the weeds in a solution with neutral or antiseptic soap and water and carefully rub them with your fingers.After this process, dry them with a soft, non-loosening cloth.

It is worth remembering that with the passage of time the silicone covers become worn and lose their role of acoustic insulation.Some brands are specialized in the sale of this type of accessory for headphones and have different sizes and types of hoods that can also personalize your accessory, and ensure its correct operation.