How to Submit Location through Whatsapp?

With each new update, WhatsApp includes more useful features for its users. From the beginning, we have included the inclusion of video calls, voice calls, the option to delete sent messages, among many other interesting features. One such feature was the location sharing with your WhatsApp contacts.

How to Submit Location through Whatsapp

We know that with so many tools like this, it can be confusing to use your instant messaging application effectively. So let’s show you how to share your location with your contacts in WhatsApp without too many mysteries.

Send location through WhatsApp

WhatsApp has already supported instant location sharing for some time now and the popular messaging app also has the ability to share the live location. After testing the beta for a while, the Live Location Sharing feature came to the stable version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS devices. And both sharing your live location and sharing your current location are just easy to do.

How to get location through WhatsApp?

If you want to just pass your current location without live monitoring, the procedure is quite simple.

First, open your WhatsApp on your device and click on a contact or group for whom you’d like to share your location.

On the messaging bar, click the symbol for a clip near the camera symbol. A menu will open with several options. Click the “Location” option. The application may request permission to access your location, or to trigger the device’s GPS. Oil.

Then touch the “Send me your current location” option. Some points may appear on the map, and if you touch them, you will see the name of the company, building, or condominium that is in that place, and you can also share if you prefer.

How to submit the live location on WhatsApp?

Here are the steps to submit your live location to any of your WhatsApp contacts if you’d like them to track your location.

Launch the WhatsApp application and open the chat window of the person or group to whom you want to broadcast your location.

After that, tap the Attach option on the text input bar, which resembles a clip.

Now click on the “Location” icon.

Press the “Share live location” bar and select continue.

After that, you’ll need to choose the duration for which you’d like to share your location. You can choose to share your location for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours.

Select the desired duration and touch the green arrow to start the location sharing process. You can also add some text to customize the activity.

How do I stop sharing the live location on WhatsApp?

Note that WhatsApp will automatically stop the location sharing after the desired duration expires. However, if you want to end it earlier, you will need to open the chat window, press “Stop sharing” and confirm “Stop”. This will immediately stop the live streaming of the site.

We hope these instructions were enough for you to share your WhatsApp location. If you still have questions about using WhatsApp , or had a problem sharing your location, please let us know that we’ll do a little bit of everything to help you.