How to Stand Up in a Good Mood in The Morning (And Studies That The Show)

It seems that the grunts, yawns and our dear friends the crust are exclusive heritage of morning. It should be an iron will to jump out of bed, especially now that you’ve just seen a Penguin going through your bedroom and part of your body has been on strike of fallen members. But We have some ideas to make the thing not so, so, so up the Hill and you get up better than ever.

1 flees gastronomical raids at night… and then give you a good breakfast.

As if you were a Gremlin try not to eat anything past midnight, or, better yet, three hours before you go to bed. The reason is that this pecking you will require your stomach to do overtime and it will be difficult for you to stay well. And then compensates for all those hours of fasting with a good breakfast. A study led by Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz to the Commonwealth University of Virginia found that breakfast well accelerate metabolism, controls hunger and satiety, so it gives you more strength to start the day full of energy and good humor.

2 stay away from social networks, mail, mobile…

Give yourself a break and don’t you launch you to the maelstrom of work or just news wake up. Somebody would hate to wake up that way: what to do with endless lists of things, stressful news, or the feeling that at this time all your Facebook friends have already made at least two exciting things. And you, not. But a study by Dr. Mathias Basner to American Time Use Surveys showed that delay the start of our concerns and our job duties can mean long better quality of sleep and start the day more relaxed.

3 kiss your loved.

It’s not just romantic and exaggerated component, is to kiss your loved ones also helps you start the day in a better mood and prepares you to face your workday. According to a study conducted in Germany, people who kiss your partner before leaving home can live up to five years more. The reason that points the Dr. Sazbó, responsible for this study, is that those who Kiss start the day with a more positive attitude than those who do not do so and leave home with more self-confidence they have up to one 30% less chance of having a.

But kiss your partner isn’t the only thing that helps you start the day with positivism. Another study carried out by Ikea discovered that Spanish parents are of the more kissing in the world and up to 76% kiss their children and/or couple each morning, something which, together with a good breakfast, makes us feel full of vitality.

4 hold the routine also in the mornings.

It is important not to sleep eight hours on duty. The important thing is that your body to adjust to a sleep routine, lie down and get up more or less at the same time. Yes, don’t hate me, also weekends should stand up more or less at the same time if you want the rest of the days are not a hell.

5 drinking water as if there were a tomorrow.

The best way of providing energy to your adamantine body. During the night you lose lots of fluids and, even if you do not know it, you wake up dehydrated, which means that your body has to work more and that makes you feel more tired. A study conducted in Japan shows that the custom of drinking nothing but rise has a lot of benefits for our body to speed up the metabolism.

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