How to Sleep Well in the Summer: Tips

Many love the summer no matter what. The heat is an invitation to spend some time on the beach, Club, Villa and is still prone to do outdoor festivals. But, not everything is cause for celebration. Because of the warm weather too much, some people can’t sleep. For this group that has difficulties to rest at night, especially in summer, broke up some tips.

Why Don’t We Sleep Well In The Summer?

Because of the heat some people wake up in the middle of the night several times. It turns out that the high temperatures prevent sleep gets in your talking, leaving some with a tiredness that disrupts the yield during the day, causing the so-called “piece of cake” or “leseira”. In the long run this feeling can develop into a depression.

Avoid these problems by maintaining the airy environment ever. For that, look to air conditioning, fans and air circulators. keep Windows and doors open as much as possible, including a few hours after the Sun went down. If the site has a lot of bugs, use repellent and other types of inhibitors, but choose to leave the doors and Windows open so that the air can circulate.

In addition, and hydrate the body to avoid excessive sweating. Contrary to popular belief, drinking plenty of water causes the body to produce less sweat. This is because the temperature of the body and tissues will be properly hydrated. Then, take at least two litres of water a day.

Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep In The Summer By Following Some Tips

For your night’s sleep is fully enjoyable during the summer, check out some tips.

-Light Pajamas: The first step to help the sleep in summer is sleeping with light clothes, made from materials which facilitate perspiration and not absorb the heat. Sleeping garments made of cotton are very suitable.

– Change the pillow: your pillow is LaTeX? If the answer is “no” you might want to get one of this material. That’s because the LaTeX helps keep the temperature lower than the traditional pillows.

-Linen and Cotton Sheets: Bed linen of synthetic materials heat up more than usual, so opt for linen and cotton.

– Loopholes in Windows: For air to enter and exit during the night, leave the window with an opening hole. This will make a big difference during sleep in summer.

-Fan to the ceiling: Spend the night with the fan on and facing the body is not a good idea. If you want to use the equipment while sleeping direct propellers to the ceiling. Thus, the air circulates.

Clean air conditioner filters: This equipment must be clean so as not to cause damage to health. So the good sleep in summer is a constant reality, keep the air conditioning on maximum 24 degrees, more than that can cause colds, flus and even more severe respiratory problems.