How to Sew Pillowcase

Today’s step-by-step is great for those who are starting to sew, who have to slowly lose their fear of the sewing machine.

The pillowcase is a great start because it only has straight seams and a few mismatched crooked stitches will not compromise its use. Here is the tutorial for sewing pillowcase.
For this project it is necessary to:

Fabric (I used cotton);


Tailor’s chalk;




Sewing machine (with thread and needle).

To avoid error in measurements and not to make a very narrow or wide pillowcase, I took the measurements of the pillowcase I currently use, and added 19 centimeters to the length, being 15 for the flap-envelope (which does not let the pillow get away) and 4 For the sheaths, and 2 on the sides to pass the seam.

1 – I passed the cloth;

2 – With the tailor’s chalk and the ruler, I traced the outline of the rectangle in the fabric and then cut the outline;

3 – I traced two straight lines 2 cm and 3 cm from the sides to make the hem;

4 – I folded the edge of the cloth, causing the edge to touch the first line, and went with the iron to mark the other end;

5 – I doubled the edge again, leaving the edge close to the second stroke and passed the iron to mark;

6 – I sewed the sheath, I used the foot itself as base distance, always leaving the edge aligned to the outside corner of the shoe, use the kick back at the beginning and end of the seam;

7 – Repeat the process on the opposite side;

8 – I folded the fabric, leaving the reverse side up, on the bottom left 15 cm of the envelope flap left out of the top;

9 –  I folded the 15 cm of the bottom, on the part of above and united the two parts with pins, not to leave the place;

10 – Pin near the sides, to facilitate at the time of passing the seam;

11 – I sewed the sides;

12 – If you find that the fabric is in danger of shattering on the sides, you can pass a zigzag seam next to the seam made previously;

13 – Cut off the excess lines and your pillowcase will be ready. Just turn it inside out and admire your work!