How to Recover Damaged Makeup Products

Waste is out of Fashion, the chic today is to recycle, repeat outfits (say the Duchess of Cambridge, or Kate Middleton, as it is still known by many), and who has not passed the sad situation of seeing an item any of toiletry bag or makeup ? Be a lipstick, a blush of a most valued brand, a lipstick that has a color super hard to find and match your skin, or a particular enamel that is out of line that has a particular color but over time over drying, let’s say goodbye to certain products is training detachment too , isn’t it? Well, not to mention waste, as I say, it’s “out” or super tacky. With that in mind, we took some basic web truquinhos to retrieve your products so super simple.


One of the favorite items of 10 among 10 women, now you can know how to retrieve it when it is dry, simply dripping two drops of water and stir well, with its own applicator. The result is guaranteed and ready, you can also take advantage of your enamel as if it were brand new. Or, to soften it, just put the bottle in hot water to return their consistency. Repeat as many times as necessary. Then store them in the refrigerator to avoid his thickening. The 14 most coveted and glazes that are hits on TV Lipstick.

If the lipstick break, get the part that came loose and put in a clean tub or in a pan of ice. Then, just continue using with the help of a brush to apply, and, believe me, it can leave the makeup even more interesting.

Lip Products to get that mouth of magazine photos With time and the breach of other bats, will be formed a palette of colors and you can play to make mixes. To use the lipstick to the end, always tell with a brush to apply it. Now, if you stopped using the product because the color is stronger than you would like, the trick is another. Online makeup Simulator: see before, how are you getting your make! Place the broken part in a jar put in microwave for 5 to 10 seconds, until melted, or heat the 2 tips about a flame to go limp enough to be able to paste them. Then take to the refrigerator and allow it to solidify. The color is going to be much more smooth and less dense texture.

Or, using a hair dryer to melt the broken parts together and freeze them in a plastic bag. You can also use a lighter to redo your lipstick, just put it in the fridge for 1 hour after doing it so that it hardens. Infographic shows how and when women wear makeup For lipsticks that give less coverage than you would like, try pass before a fixer, which increases the intensity of the color and allows the product stay on the lips for more time.

Mask of eyelashes or mascara

When the mask is dry, drip three drops of eye drops that you frequently use and stir well the applicator with a circular motion. Avoid the “in and out” of the brush in the tube, as it is precisely so that the product is dry. Or, when dry, use a dropper to throw a bit of hot water in the tube, then rotate the brush in to mix well and soften the dried mascara that can still be used.

Brushes and brushes

To keep them soft, wash it once in a while with hair conditioner. But if the hairs are leaving your brushes the tip is to wash the brushes once a month in warm water and antibacterial soap. If you really want to clean the brushes to the end, never put it all under water. The more moist and dense is the brush, the hair will fall more easily. 7 amazing Tips on how to use the correct makeup brushes

Eyebrow pencil

Place it a little bit in the freezer before point. So the tip will break less.

Compact powder, eye shadow and blush powder

Bronzing powders are usually composed of particles thinner than the other items of makeup, so I tend to break more easily.

When (or if) that happens, the trick for any product in powder, is dripping a few drops of liquid alcohol, press with your fingers or any surface that can take the format and wait for the alcohol to evaporate and dry. The same procedure can be done with broken shadows.

To intensify the color of the shadow, use a primer before it own to the eyelids, fixing the product in the eyes and intensifies the color if the problem is the strong tone, you can water a little brush with thermal water (which is sold in jars at the pharmacy), get some of the product and spread the eyelids.