How to Make Hairstyles for Summer

Practical and quick to apply the clip extensions are the ideal solution for change look at any opportunity: discover with us how to make three perfect hairstyles for the summer.

Do you want to change your look for an evening or just for a drink with friends? The solution are the extensions with clips.

How to Make Hairstyles for Summer

The fashion to apply hair extensions  to the hair there for many years, but often the application of those fixed has a too high cost that not all can afford. That’s why the removable locks can be a viable solution.

The extension clip locks are mobile, you can easily remove and apply on their own and, unlike popular belief, are not inferior to the fixed extension, because they can also last longer if they are made with real hair.

Apply thanks to some kind of peg that must be fixed at the hairline, lightly teased, and you go to camouflage perfectly with the natural hair being the clip positioned on the inside. The coupling is then proof “of hair pulled.”

How to Choose The Clip Extension

The extension with clips usually come in the form of bands, which can be purchased individually or as a complete kit. Among the top brands that I could try in time there are in those signing OXY , made with human hair and Remy System. This is a very important aspect in the choice of the extension because the synthetic fiber does not allow to be machined with hair dryer or plate, otherwise the OXY, being made with real hair, they give a natural appearance and are very bright. Among other brands I can advise So.Cap, Hairdreams and Roxestension .

Summer Hairstyles With Extension Clips

As I said the extensions with clips are optimal to achieve the hairstyles for the summer.

Coda: the ponytail, or that low, are one of the practices in the warm months hairstyles. A simple tail, if put side, can quickly give an elegant and sophisticated look. With a tail clip extension it is one of the easiest hairstyles to achieve.
First you take a section of hair at the center of the neck and create the small tail. All around, as if you were to cover it, they then attach one or more extension bands for the desired effect. At this point they take all the remaining hair and unite together, staking them with a rubber band, and you’re done!

Braid: from the classic to that in a herringbone pattern can be made of all forms. In quest’acconciatura the volume given by the extension creates fabulous effect. Here it is very easy to create, just apply the extensions in standard mode and then proceed with the intertwining braids want.

Chignon: this very practical hairstyle and cool for summer evenings or for a special occasion, the extension clip help create volume on the bun, especially for those girls who have fine hair and not very bulky.