How to Make Garden at Home

Many people who do not cultivate plants at home find that a lot of work. Other people find they need more space or living in an apartment does not make enough room for it.

If you are one of these people, the webpage will show you that having a garden at home might is easier and simpler than you think and does not require any special skills. So we decide to make our hands dirty.

To get the job, you will need:

– Fertilized ground;

– Pot or glass jar (medium to large);

– Expanded clay stones;

– Choices from the herb to plants based on yourself. We chose the basil 🙂

When making purchases, I come across a multitude of types of ground, but the smallest packages weight 2 kg, which is enough considering that the chosen pot is not big. So if you are excited about the idea to plant your own garden at home, enjoy and buy one or two more species, so you can get it with more than one plant option for care. The ground package cost  $ 5 and the glass pot cost $ 13, but you can find cheaper options.

The first step is to place the expanded clay stones in the pot bottom. A layer of about 2 fingers is high enough. You also can break ceramic into pieces and use them in place of clay. Both of them work like a sponge, absorbing excess water and providing irrigation for the plant if you forget to water them for a few days.

The bucket of expanded clay can be purchased around R $ 16.84 which is enough to use in the next plants you choose to grow.

Then add the fertilized ground at least to the middle of the glass jar. Make sure that a little soil also is mixed into the stones in the background.

Remove the switches from the packing and remove the excess soil around the roots. Not all seedlings which are sold out are of good quality. The price of the seedlings may vary according to the season or the rarity of plants. I bought basil sapling at the price of only $ 5.

Now, just dig a small hole in the soil with your fingers and place carefully, without forcing to the roots and branches fixed on the ground (this compaction process happens naturally). Place the rest of fertilized soil around the plant and water with a small amount of water.

Depending on the chosen herb or plant, the vessel must receive more or less light. In the case of the basil, place where it gets plenty of fresh air and a little sun in the morning. The herb should also always be watered, but with small amounts of water so that the leaves do not wither.

In all, we spent less than R $ 40 and 30 minutes to plant. If the ground  and clay come in larger amounts, the money invested will yield a few plantations. The basil was affectionately named Metin.

Now just take care of your plant and be proud to see your work growing in the coming weeks 🙂

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Come up with them and comment.