How to Make A Vintage Decor

This is a style that pleases many, but how to make a cool vintage decor? This is a big question, is not always easy to make various decorations so I came here to give a little help. One of the movies that I analyzed the decor has a cool vintage style and you can get some ideas there, check here.

If you don’t know exactly what is a vintage style take a look at the first article I made for the blog talking about the decorating styles, you can find it here. Okay now that you already have an idea of this style can keep talking about it, or really start talking

Vintage decor is romantic and has a lot of personality, in this style of decor you’ll find many references of the past, because that’s the point. The cool thing is that to have a decorating vintage will it is not necessary to spend a lot, you can find antique furniture in specialty stores in this style or even Check Everything, which is a lot cheaper there just restore.


The first thing you should consider when making vintage décor is on the furniture, buy furniture classics, in lighter shades or neutrals. Is it legal to dig some in antique and older furniture stores. See some of the furniture in this style:

Note that the furniture has a very different design than we’re used to, but I think this beautiful style and a hint to you that want to have a piece of furniture like this, but you don’t want a whole environment is to mix styles, vintage the vintage look very good with the moderno.

Decoration Items

The attention in a decoration are the decorative items, so if you’re wondering how to make a vintage decor nice answer is invest in decorative items. Use pieces that give a certain air of nostalgia as lamp embroidery, watches and antique radios and even those cute cages that are very fashionable right now. The pictures also look great in this style of decoration, so use many frames and pictures.

There is no rule to follow in this style of decoration, just be careful not to overdo it on the items and leave your House look old or Grandma’s House, full of a thing of the past. See now some vintage environments and be inspired:

Note that in most environments we found flowers pattern, they are on the couch, wallpaper, and other places, that’s the mark of vintage decor. I hope you liked the tips, leave your comment saying what you think and giving tips for other posts.