How to Make a Good Makeup Tutorial?

Make a good makeup is a challenge for most women, and it becomes more difficult with age progresses, but does not mean that an older person can not or should wear make-up, on the contrary, there are several models and styles of makeup for women.

How to Make a Good Makeup Tutorial

We know that nowadays with so many treatments and surgeries are more difficult to know the age of the women who are aging time later, and the makeup is a powerful ally in this regard. We will try to spend means for our more mature friends continue to age with elegance and class.

By making good use of makeup, you can rejuvenate some good years, so we will give some valuable tips:

A super tip is that as your age progresses you need to decrease the amount of makeup, with maturity less becomes more.

The use of powder should be used with caution, since even in younger skin hardly gives a natural tone, ladies can leave fine lines even more evident. In place of this, they must use any base with anti-aging active, for example, which will also fix and protect the skin.

The correctives are also great allies, to help with fine lines, dark circles and in the spots. In Chinese mustache and the famous bar code it gives an incredible effect.

In the eyes of the region ideally using shadows without intense brightness, by these leave the most visible sagging, it is best to use an effect matte, satin-like, a liner can also be used to correct and draw your eye, a more tone dark can give weight print on the eyelids and his eyes look deeper. So try to put fine features.

Cilia by generally have become more ralinhos is best to put false eyelashes. And to make up this region, the ideal is to perfect in the top outer corner, as will the expression of the eyes less tired, more levantadinhos.

Eyebrow to suffer the same malady of cilia, or lose volume, you can make a pigmentation that is super trendy, but beware, the more natural is better, you can also try to comb it down to try to increase or volume or correct it using a pencil and fill it using a shade and a sponge brush. Follow Ask4Beauty for makeup and beauty tips.

In the mouth the best thing to do is to use a pencil skirting and drawing his lips, just to then put the lipstick, and the best for this age are the colors nudes. If your lips are too skinny, you can increase them with pencil and to draw them well after filling with lipstick, but then the darker lipstick will help better the fill.

In the cheeks (cheeks) is worth the same rule from the shadows, it is best that your blush does not shine is more opaque, and tones that are similar to your skin or, depending on the tone can be pink or peach, it is a grace and rejuvenates.