How to Get Pregnant

The coming of a new element to the family is always an important and very special moment. Be it a boy or a girl, the most important thing is to come to this world without problems and with great health.

How to Get Pregnant

Yet many mothers, and fathers, always have a preference over the sex of the baby. And if there are many people who would like to have a boy, there are also others who love having a girl. So, today we will give some tips on how to get pregnant as a girl.

The spermatozoa with the female gametes, although slower, are nevertheless more resistant. Therefore, it is necessary to use this feature in your favor in order to increase the probabilities of being a spermatozoon with female gametes to fecundate the egg.

While the spermatozoa with the male gametes are faster to reach the ovum, in fact, they die very quickly.

On the contrary, the spermatozoa with the female gametes last up to two or three days. In this way, choosing the day you are going to have sex will be very important in deciding which sperm will be most likely to fertilize the egg. So if you want to get pregnant, you should have sex until two or three days before ovulation.

Two or three days after ovulation pause sexual intercourse, until menstruation ends. Thus, with no egg remaining on the day of the sexual act, the spermatozoa with the male gametes will eventually die without being able to fertilize. Already the spermatozoa with the female gametes will resist for a few days, and will be ready when ovulation occurs and the egg is released into the fallopian tubes.

The position with which you perform the sexual relationship is also important, for the same reasons presented above. As we mentioned, sperm with male gametes are faster, but less resistant than female gametes.

Thus, it is necessary to choose a position that hinders the arrival of spermatozoa to the egg, favoring not the fastest, but the most resistant.

Thus, one should prefer a position that allows for a less deep ejaculation, and preferably, before the woman reaches orgasm. In this way, the vagina will be more acidic, increasing the probabilities of the spermatozoon with female gametes fertilizing the ovum.

The acidity, as we have just mentioned, is also relevant to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Therefore, increase the acidity of the vaginal canal through a promotor feeding of an increase in pH acidity. One month in advance, reinforce the intake of foods like fruits, sweets, or more temperate foods.