How to Fix Duplicate Contacts

How do I prevent duplicate contacts on my cell phone ? What if they are already duplicated due to some unsuccessful synchronization, how to fix it?

How to Fix Duplicate Contacts

The phones with the Android operating system have the incredible facility of automatically syncing phone contacts with Google contacts. So simply modify the contacts through the computer as they will be available and synchronized on your mobile device. This works very well on Android, but there are some issues that need to be solved before being able to use this automatic synchronization to content.

Duplicate contacts on mobile

When I used Nokia N97 , I spent a lot of time looking for a contact sync app for Symbian . I found some that promised such synchronization, but they did not work well and they doubled over 100 contacts in my Google account. In summary, I found nothing that was really good at syncing Google contacts with Symbian, the operating system of Nokia N97.

How to fix duplicate contacts?

How to resolve the issue of duplicate contacts ? Google has an option in your contact management application that allows you to merge 2 or more contacts. Simply select more than 1 contact that the merge option of the Contacts application will be displayed. When you choose “Merge,” the system already selects the fields for all contacts and creates a new one with all the gathered information. Before confirming, you can still edit if you feel that the choice of fields was not correct. In general, the system works by placing e-mails, telephones and other data in the correct fields.

This was the fastest and most reliable way I found to resolve duplicate contacts. In addition there are always the contacts that were on my SIM card that had just the phone, and could be merged with Gmail contacts who also had email. After spending some time organizing the contacts in Gmail or Google, by correctly filling in the fields that indicate whether the phone is residential or commercial, and as much information as possible. This made it much easier every time I needed to communicate.

I also learned that you have apps that automatically delete duplicate contacts and synchronize your contacts with the cloud, which is a great help, especially when you need to back up your smartphone data .

Organize your contacts better

In addition to solving when the contacts are duplicated, it is good to prevent this from occurring. One way is to centralize e-mail in only 1 tool, by carefully configuring synchronization options, when they exist. On Android phones, multiple Gmail accounts can be registered and the contacts synced to each of them. It is important to prevent contacts from mingling, especially if such accounts have different purposes. You can even import contacts from Google to the iPhone if you decide to switch smartphones.

Have you backed up your contacts? Did you delete duplicate contacts? As you did?