How to Dress for a Party 60s


The elegance, or transgression hippie, sixties inspired you to organize a theme party? Your friend, craziest, decided to relive those years for an original evening? All this will create fear, because they do not know how not to be outdone, the fashion guru of your group? To be sure not to err, follow this guide you will learn how to dress for a party Years ’60.

This period was a period of economic growth and feminist revolutions. The women’s clothing ranged from a look naive, simple and coquettish, to a style hippie, funky and colorful. If you believe that the naive style, is worthwhile for you, arricuratevi to have at home a trapeze dress (which falls soft on her hips, no mark them). The press must be geometric, but that’s fine also single color. The length, must leave uncovered little skin above the knee. To frame the entire, in those years, we thought the bands and earrings to match the dress. The most elegant women, abbinavano the strictly white pearls. At the foot strap on the boots with heels Lagro.

As already mentioned, in total opposition moves the hippie clothing. And if you shine Hippie one can not parlase denim bell-bottoms, very wide at the bottom and, if any, inserts ” Pizza taxi ” or embroidered. Even the forging were large and dye. Flowers and simboli pacifists or slogans, mastered the t-shirt. The accessories were big and colorful. Long necklaces with pendants showy. To the accessories are well given also the feathers and an Indian-gypsy is pierazione. Who wants to, can accessorize further with fringed 1960s vest. The hair is fortified with thin straps to put to the front of the circle. At the foot can be wear comfortable flat or wedges at your convenience.

The trick is excessive. Spare not use mascara and eyeliner; If possible, use false eyelashes. Even the choice of eye shadow is colorful and monochrome. The blush is pinkish lips wearing only a thin layer of gloss.

The hippie man, not very discossa by the woman; then choose baggy pants and shirts in large linen to match with necklaces or headbands that surround the face. The man naive, however, remains sober and elegant. Wear a classic suit (possibly sand) to accessorize with foulard tie around his neck, replacing the tie, and loafers.